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    Computers and tennis, what else?

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    MOBO- Intel D875PBZ CPU - P4 3.00 Ghz 800 FSB RAM- 1024 MB Samsung DDR 400 HD- 300 GB Maxtor SATA 16 MB Cache VID- GeForce FX 5950 Ultra (Asus V9980 Ultra) PSU- Antec True 550 Watt
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  1. Magic

    Do U Believe In God?

    I am mainly agnostic, although I do believe that there is more to the world than pure science. There just isn't enough solid evidence or happenings that suggest the existence of a deity. Not enough to counter the other things that suggest there isn't... I guess I will always remain this way until I personally experience a life changing event that will alter my beliefs.
  2. Magic

    Very Slow

    Oh, it was just in my cache. The file got deleted. All fixed now.
  3. Magic

    Very Slow

    red x? i can see it.
  4. Magic

    Very Slow

    what's wrong with my avatar?
  5. Magic

    Very Slow

    admins, delete old logs if possible, and try optimizing the sql database with the toolbox.
  6. Magic

    Pcpitstop Does It Work For Mac

    How about some Linux support?
  7. Magic

    Bummer- I Lost A Big 1250 :(

    Well I was almost finished with a work unit of mine, when the power cord got unplugged by my foot.
  8. Magic

    Member And Cpu Specs List

    Magic P4 1.8 Ghz Oh no, I'm not gonna use my main rig.
  9. Magic


    on a lot of servers
  10. Magic

    Pitstop Bug?

    or a desktop notebook!
  11. Magic

    Pitstop Bug?

    now why did you put a mobility radeon on a desktop?
  12. Magic


    It has to do with MySQL...Ax... Nothing to do with the servers.
  13. Magic


    I think the problem must lie within this new version of MySQL. My host has done the same, upgrade to the new version and I'm being plagued with the same problem as well.
  14. Magic

    Yes, We Were Down

    Look for the SQL repair function if you haven't already done so Dave!
  15. Magic

    Win Me Or Xp?

    I never get errors with XP like I do with ME. It's MUCH faster and more stable. Plus, defrag is actually quicker in XP IMO. But I use a third party anyway so I wouldn't know about the default one. It's been too long since I've used it.