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    living my life without interruptions and most importantly, obtaining vasts amounts of knowledge in order to erase bad memories.

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    Intel Media Series motherboard (DP35DP) Intel Core Duo e6850 6 gigs DDR2 800 LG bluray player/burner Nvidia EVGA PCI-E GTX 460 OpenSuse 11.4 x86 _64bit Kubuntu 11.10 x86 _64bit Single 500GB Hitachi DeskStar.
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  1. duanester

    IntelGuy has passed away

    Heart wrenching, Prayers out to Family.
  2. duanester

    Happy Birthday mme

  3. duanester

    Friday Night Video's

    A little Country Music, Easton Corbin - Are You With Me
  4. duanester

    Friday Night Video's

    I'm sorry i completely forgotten about Friday Night Video's, Let's try and catch up... Rolling Stones - Under My Thumb Pink Floyd - Welcome to the Machine
  5. duanester

    "Invisible" malware

    Pulled up at the local Chase bank ATM and noticed Win Vista stuck in a boot loop, Thought to myself, I never use my bank Card in Win OS, Said the heck with it hurried to a working Win ATM to get money and make substantial deposits before it went down from some infection
  6. duanester

    How bad is your internet

    Did testing and found that a family of Six can share 20mbits Down 12mbits Up without any problems. The test included streaming Netflix, Google Play, Vudu, Real time Social Media, Downloading just about everything. The Results, No complaints from anyone! Results from a trained Eye Netflix, Buffer time, 2 seconds slower, 6 seconds grainy start. Eventually everything worked very well, Netflix streamed in HD, YouTube etc without issues, Initial starts seem to run into slight bits of Inertia that lasted a few seconds, I think during this time QOS started it's work along with device prioritization. It's amazing how much money people could save if they just did the math.
  7. duanester

    How bad is your internet

    I cant believe everyone complained! They had great internet speed!
  8. Was at a Cafe noticed a swindler walking around around with his Phone holding it in odd directions, People were seated logging into their computers, Asked him how's it going, He said good nervously and walked out. There are lots of ways to get information, Shysters are everywhere.
  9. Always avoid signing in twice, For example, If already logged in a browser like Chrome then are suddenly prompted to log in after navigating somewhere else, Close your Web Browser and reopen, You should still be logged on, There may be a problem. Your OS is safe however your proprietary browser?
  10. duanester

    Intel Guy Retires

    IG, You must travel the world and try all street foods! Happy Retirement.
  11. duanester

    Windows 10 is spamming EU's

    A little criticism never hurts especially when a company like this knows better.
  12. duanester

    Windows 10 is spamming EU's

    nigs It's me having a dig, First the start menu is plagued with ads, And now this. Microsoft said they'd do this decade ago. They also talked about a premium ad free version. My next dig is going to be great.
  13. duanester

    Windows 10 is spamming EU's

    Geewhiz the link above quote is dated 1/19/17
  14. duanester

    Windows 10 is spamming EU's