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  1. MOBO Raptors CPU Video Card Bundle your board, 754, and X800 card together and sell them to make up difference and buy the above stuff. 74GB Raptors perform a little better than 36GB, but for same money 3 X 36 will outperform 2 x 74. Get about 50MBs for each 36 you add and probably about 50-60MBs for each 74. $1527.00 of course if you had already planned selling your stuff as part of the $1000.00 this won't work. Hard decisions too many options. But remember no VIA chipsets.
  2. If I were you I would consider one of these two at bottom of Page. I believe the UT is same except only has Nvidia raid lanparty SLI DR has Nvidia and SIL raid. (4 SATA + 4 SATA) Link Consider now as next week.
  3. Guess that will be low end 1mb cache. The full speed model is here.
  4. Using 71.84 drivers can't say about older but these seem to be working fine with the new replacement of coolbits. Forgot what they call them now. AM3
  5. Difficult to find time to eat. And what is that bright thing outside overhead some of the time?
  6. Were you having to fly with a clogged sinus condition that caused it? Glad to see you back in relatively good condition though. Suppose this is just medical leave or is it a longer period. Link I can't imagine what real combat is like I just fought the Cold War in Germany . We did lose a few guys along the way usually vehicle accidents, HHC lost one that rolled a GOER I also remember a couple of M551 Sheridans blowing up at Graf. Need those rubber pads to set ammo on incase the turret floor shorts out.
  7. I'm 50. The thing about having birthdays at this age is it beats the alternative.
  8. Thanks for input guys. The more I look at RAM the harder to make a choice 3200? 3500, 3700, 4000? CS 2 , 2.5, 3? 2.6 volts 2.75 2.9volts? OCZ, Geil, Kingston, PDI, or what? Has anyone tried this stuff?
  9. Ran accross this and was wanting opinions as to whether this was good memory for the money. Way things are going moneywise by the time I get my SLI system up the rest of you will have Quad Video cards and Dual-Dual Core Processors.
  10. Was wondering can you splice the green wire to turn on both psu's at same time or would there be another problem with that. Would a good split on power be to run fans (except CPU and System) and all CDs, DVDs, Floppy and some HDs off external PSU. Does this make any sense? Because sometimes I can be oblivious to the obvious.
  11. 2 x 512 for dual channel, if MOBO supports dual channel.
  12. Only drawback to K8NXP-9 board is single PCI-X slot. NO SLI only one video card.
  13. Go to Maxtors site they have a patch I believe for large drives over 137GB you can download.
  14. Talked with Asus presales they said 2nd week of December. Bummer.
  15. Soon just saw this finally posted http://usa.asus.com/products/mb/socket939/...d/overview.htm# MSI Gigabyte both should be out by Christmas. And I'm feeling a little antsy.
  16. I don't know why I feel compelled to enter this post I am not Jewish nor Muslim. I know the people of Israel do not want to pack up and move to New Mexico to establish a New Homeland although this would make more sense than the Palestinians moving to New Mexico because Israel will still be surrounded by something other than allies at their present location. As I understand it the Palestinian population as a whole is realatively young, so they grew up with this understanding that there will be a Palastine State. The ongoing Peace Talks makes this a fact. Consequently they don't want to give up the prospect of having a homeland. The Jews are Gods chosen people. Christ was a Jew. The Jews persecuted Christ. The Jews are the most persecuted people in History. Second most persecuted people I would believe to be the Muslims with the Crusades. The Jews do not believe Christ was the Messiah. Christianity believes that this was Gods plan that Christ died on the cross for the sins of mankind. The Jews believe the Messiah is coming. Christians believe that Christ is the Messiah and will return again. Unless we follow Rodney Kings advice "Can't We All Just Get Along" nothing is going to change. Only the actions of men can prolong the days. Revelations in the Bible states that Christ will come again within a generation of the reestablishment of the State of Isarel. An Army of 200 Million led by the Antichrist will stand for battle at Mt. Megiddo. Armegeddon. I have nothing against either Jews or Muslims, Buddhist, Hindus. I believe what Christ said I have many flocks of which you know not. My Job description does not include making Judgements. For all the good will and frustration that surrounds this issue I believe only Gods Will, will be done. I don't believe this will be settled until the End. Neither side trust the other, neither wants to truly compromise, each believes they are right. Each believes God is on their side. And the nature of man is to be possessive. Could either live somewhere else? Yes. Is either willing to live somewhere else? No. So we can sit here and argue till the End. But the sad reallity is nothing is going to change. Some things are just meant to be. Hitler was a corporal during WWI. I don't believe there was any way for him to be killed during that conflict. I believe he was a man of destiny, although a horrible destiny for mankind, but one foretold of in the bible. And when you look at it he is a major reason for the resstablishment of Israel. More Jews had been moving into the area since the 1880s but only after the end of WWII did the political climate and new immagration enable the Reestablishment. ThThThaaaths all Folks.
  17. http://www.pcpitstop.com/pcpitstop/Summary...F869WX1T4RSMU77
  18. Captain I'm given er all she's got. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=LLE49W6X8LUSABQE 4-03 $940.00 tower including shipping. Sorry I felt left out everyone else is on this thread.
  19. I don't know ME but seems if you cleaned up junk files a lot of folks here recommend this http://www.snapfiles.com/get/cleanup.html If you have access to services or task manager in ME just try shutting down those not listed in Green Block and see if that improves score. Although your scores did not seem to far out of range with comparable systems. Maybe you could shut down STIMON.EXE with search by adding .OLD and renaming extension when you need to use it. Just a thought. Hope this helps.
  20. See if protected storage service is running under Administrative Tools / Computer Management/Services
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