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  1. Thanks for your ideas. I tried WinRAR but haven't yet tried ISOBuster. Are these things free (like WinRAR) or the sort of thing one pays for?
  2. Well, I am all a titter about the last movie to come out in a couple of weeks and I was put on to Star Wars Revelations by other ST fans. Now, I tried to download it (2.8Gb) and now that its finished it claims its an .iso.torrent file and I am buggered if I can open it - let alone play/burn it to DVD. Any thoughts? I downloaded Bittorrent thinking that would help - and yet and yet. Help me obi wan, you're my only hope.
  3. Berlin Chair - You Am I (Greatest Aussie Rock band ever)
  4. The major difference between Vietnam and Iraq is that the US slipped slowly into the Vietnam adventure over a long period of time rather than a sudden deployment of all forces. Iraq was pushed on us by the US Government hell bent on following through on an agenda that had nothing to do with terrorism and everything to do with power.
  5. Well, whatever you think about the application of the rights enshrined in law....at least it's actually written down. That got to count for something in a country as letigious as the US. We are doing our best to catch up though - as we do with most American trends.
  6. We have few deaths by handgun per capita, which is nice. We also have universal health cover (but the government is trying to change that to make it more like the excellent US system - not). We have no 'freedom of speech'...or freedom of anything really enshrined in law like a Bill of Rights but we generally enjoy a pretty relaxed and open society. If you can live with hearing and seeing things you don't neccessarily agree with - it will help.
  7. If you arrive on a boat our gov will lock you up on Naru or Christmas Island (Indian Ocean) for about 2 years while we wait for people to forget you came. Then we'll send you back to the Bush Regime to face an uncertain fate
  8. That might work for your kid - but not neccessarily. I might not do much for your case. Your best bet is to have a truckload of cash, be an expert in a particular field or marry an Australian. I assure you it ain't easy. From now until you get citizenship will probably be around 7 years and thats assuming you did everything quickly and that DIMIA had no problems with your case. By the way, you may have to leave your guns behind - not a lot of that sort og action over here. You'll have to let your hobbiy go and embrace AFL (australian football league) the greatest sport on earth. Clearly Collingwood is the club you will support if you have any self respect.
  9. Having a spouse from the US, I can tell ya it's not easy to get in with a visa that will allow you to work permanently. Start the paper work now if you are serious about it and DIMIA (department of immigration, multicultural and indigenous affairs) will probably start working on your case properly by April next year. BTW, that is no exageration - thats just how they work - slowly. To be fair, there a lot of people who want to come to Oz so they probably have a lot of work to get through.
  10. Luckily the Free Trade Agreement between the US and AUS hasn't been signed yet or this person is liable to have their arms torn off for breach of Intellecual Property. There is a clause in the FTA that specifically permits a US company removing the arms of any Australian company it choses. Its a tought FTA - but fair.
  11. While in no way edorsing the behaviour of many of our forebears, comparing the Israel wall to the disposession of land from indigenous peoples in Canada, US and Australia is a little flawed. Attitudes and motivations were quite different as was the role of the 'International Community'. The primary end goal should not and cannot be "The destruction of Israel" or the "Complete acquistition of the Promised Land" as advocated by hardliners on both sides. Both people will in the end have to live next to one another in peace. Constant war - and that is the reality of the situation - is not a long term option. Nor is the wall going to solve the problem either. The wall only heightens tensions and gives hardliners on both sides a more attractive sell to future antagonists. The Palestinian leadership is virtually non-existant and the Israeli Gov seems disinterested in seriously engaging in the long term stability of the region.
  12. Many Americans are still very angry about Sept 11 (justifyably) but are too angry to think straight, I think. France, a good friend of America's has every right as a free democratic state to have differing policies to George W Bush. Now Australia is being subtly threatened that if it doesn't stay in Iraq then the FTA might be off. An exageration ? Maybe. Interestingly, the very justifications for the Iraq Project have since been largely discredited.
  13. I can't believe American schools are actually arguing about teaching creationism v evolution!! Get out of the 16th century guys! As for the pledge, from what limited knowledge I have of the US Constitution, if there is meant to be a separation of church and state, the line 'under god' should be excluded...but Bush hasn't invited me to join the High Court so I count for nothing.....that and I am am Australian and we do exactly as Bush says....but thats another debate
  14. I agree. I thionk that the Iraq project was 'a bridge too far' in our real campaign.
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