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  1. Y kawika

    PCMatic Product Information popup

    I believe that our developers got to the bottom of those annoying messages and shut them off. Sorry about that. There was a minor update to Super Shield, not to PC Matic. Please try installing the latest version of Super Shield directly from the link below: https://supershield-files.pcpitstop.com/pcmaticss3.0.3.5-setup.exe Watch the Super Shield icon in the taskbar as it will be green and then change colors to red and gold. This indicates that it is downloading it's definitions. When the definition download completes, the shield will return to a green color. Please give the computer a final restart. Y
  2. Y kawika

    PC Pitstop start date question

    Hi Jeeper, Thanks for your continued support of our products. You started with us by using Optimize3 back on: 09/16/2009 PC Matic's annual subscription was first purchased on: 07/13/2011 PC Matic Evergreen (Lifetime license) was purchased on: 09/29/2014 That's awesome! Y
  3. Y kawika

    Possible virus/malware

    Roll back the update or run a system restore to a point prior to the June 12th cumulative update and see if this resolves the issue. Y
  4. Y kawika

    Malware still found

    If you want to trust and use any software from Enigma Software like SpyHunter, then be our guest, but please do not compare us to them or their practices. After all of the lawsuits and bullying, I won't go near their products and I personally side with Bleeping Computers and their findings. Search and ye shall find. Y
  5. Y kawika

    I closed something shouldn't have

    Thanks for letting us know, Frank Appreciated Y
  6. Y kawika

    I closed something shouldn't have

    Hi Frank, I'm not really following what happened here. Open PC Matic and click the Options button and reset the scan options as you'd like them to be. Save and exit. Let us know if this resolves the issue for you. Y
  7. Y kawika

    List shows 5 of 5 but the panel shows only 4

    Looks good from here. How about from your side? Y
  8. Y kawika

    List shows 5 of 5 but the panel shows only 4

    Hi Daniel, To the right of the computer name on the first screen of PC Matic is an option to remove any computer that has not been optimized within the last 60 days. Computers that have been on the license more than 90 days can be removed without having to wait 60 days from the last scan and clean. Just click on the "X". If you are unable to complete the task because of the time table, just let us know which computer you wish to have removed and we will take it out for you. Y
  9. Y kawika

    High-Level Threats

    Most detection's will actually be encrypted and quarantined so that they cannot function in any way. If you wish to delete them entirely, then proceed as follows: 1) Open PC Matic 2) Click the Options Button 3) Click the Quarantine Button 4) Select the items that you wish to delete 5) Click the Delete Button 6) Close Options If they are not in the quarantine, then they were removed entirely through the scan. To check in your case, reviewing your last scan and clicking on High Level Threats, the results will always show you the exact location from which the malware was found. You can then navigate to the location to insure that the pollution is in fact removed. Your scan results point here for all 3 items detected: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp\ Y
  10. Y kawika

    PC Matic shuts down during scan

    Thanks for helping with the log files. The development team was able to track down the issue and resolved it. As for those fake messages in browsers, those are just ads with rotating scripts to try and keep them alive. Right click your task bar and choose: Task Manager Click to highlight 'Edge' Click End Task Reboot the computer normally Open Edge and clear the cache (see link below) https://www.lifewire.com/clear-cache-microsoft-edge-4156806 Y
  11. Y kawika

    Friday Night Video's

    MonaLisa Twins ~ God Only Knows (Beachboys cover) .............. shogan showed me these talented young musicians Y
  12. Y kawika

    caintry boy

    How's the leg feeling today caintry? Did you get that artery pumped open to provide a better flow? Hoping all went well for you. Y
  13. Y kawika

    HP Envy convertible15-u110 dx

    If the network adapter issue is from the connector on the motherboard, then yes. A new ethernet connector as well as a new power jack adapter are cheap parts $5 -$10. They would need to be desoldered and the the new ones put into place and soldered back in. You may be in luck having a friend that is familiar with soldering circuit boards. I hope it all works out for you. Y
  14. Y kawika

    HP Envy convertible15-u110 dx

    Miss Helen, based on your description, that lappy is going to need it's motherboard replaced and a new battery bought. A refurbished or "pulled" motherboard may be available on e-bay and you can definitely find a replacement battery there, but those costs are inconsequential to the labor cost needed to disassemble, replace and reset a replacement motherboard in a laptop. If you are not going to do it yourself, then ask around at a local shop and get some prices on the procedure. Still need to get the motherboard though. I found one for $160.55 (refurbished) https://www.ebay.com/p/HP-Envy-15-u110dx-Laptop-Motherboard-782306-501-I5-5200u-No-MEM/1150943370 Battery replacement is about $30.00 https://www.ebay.com/i/292579179445?chn=ps Now, Labor to disassemble and remove the motherboard from the laptop, then reassemble and test: approximately (my best guess) $350 - $425 Chances are, as nigsy has suggested, your best bet will be to pick up another laptop. Refurbished or new, will be less stress and could easily be less expensive. Y
  15. Y kawika

    super shield monitor file access

    Monitor File Access is a utility that scrutinizes every single file that runs. When something is blocked, it is sent to our Malware Research team who then go through the listings and categorize the files. It is not an immediate process, so our recommendation is to turn it off, unless something unusual or suspicious is occurring on a rig. It can be turned on or off through the taskbar icon as well. Because it "hooks" every file that tries to run, it will effect a computer's speed and anything that is "unknown", regardless of it's extension and abilities will be flagged and blocked. The developers use this tool when testing and therefore we are required to have it also available to the public. There is a specific warning given to the end-user when they click to enable the feature and it is there for a reason. Use it if you wish, but understand that it will impeded performance. When the setting is turned on or off, it is recommended that the effected computers be rebooted. Y