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  1. Overdrive tutorials based on Windows versions: XP, Vista, 7: Go to: Start>All Programs, then Right Click on Internet Explorer and choose: 'Run as Administrator' Navigate yourself to the Overdrive test and run the scan, then post the final URL address back into this e-mail: http://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/default.asp Here's a how to: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress/howto1.asp -------------- 8, 8.1, 10 In Cortana, type: Internet Explorer Right Click on Internet Explorer (at the top of the cortana window) and choose: 'Run as Administrator' Navigate yourself to the Overdrive test and log in and run the scan: http://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/default.asp
  2. Looks to be resolved. Please give it another try at your convenience. Y
  3. Super Shield problem

    Hi Steve, I zipped them up and placed them on my server. Download and save the zip file where you can find it, then unzip the 2 definition files that are enclosed and place them as outlined previously for the others. Link: http://ykawika.com/defs.zip Please let us know if this works for you. Y
  4. Sunday funnies........

    Tom, you do have a way with words! Y
  5. InfoCenter has stopped working

    I saw that there was considerable work being done with InfoCenter by the development team over the weekend. Personally, I just uninstall InfoCenter as it does very little for me and causes no problems when removed. If you prefer InfoCenter being installed, then reinstalling PC Matic will get it back in place and reconfigured: http://pcmatic.com/download Y
  6. Pcmatic Super shield desktop icon red

    Thanks for the update Patriot76 and Welcome to the Pit! Glad to hear that it is all back to normal again. Y
  7. Infinite Alert Hoax/Call this Number Scam

    Well, it's the holiday season and these scammers appear to be working to scam, scam, scam! We are getting several reports that the phone "cold calling" has increased significantly from these dirt bags. They call and say nonsense like they are from Microsoft security and that they are detecting viruses or that your computer has been compromised and/or hacked and request access to your computer to help. Don't fall for it! If you don't have the time, then just hang up on them, but if you do have the time, have some fun and keep them on the line as long as you can. As long as they are talking to you, they are not ripping off someone more innocent who does not know any better. Just remember to never let them onto your computer, do not give them any (truthful) personal information and under no circumstances ever trust a single thing that they are saying. They are out for your money, identity, banking information or even to establish an open link to your computer. Have you ever had a call from these scammers? How did you handle them? Y
  8. Yep, the devOps team has been alerted. Y
  9. Happy Birthday caintry_boy

    You snuck another one of them birthdays in on us?!? Happy Birthday my dear friend! May all of dreams come true! Y
  10. Super Shield problem

    Hi Billy, Please try the following: Please open your web browser, then copy and paste the links below, one at a time, into the address bar, then hit the Enter key: defs.pcpitstop.com/ defs.pcpitstop.com/ Follow the prompts to download each file to the computer, use the navigation tools to put the file somewhere that you can find it easily. Once you have the files downloaded, go to Control Panel>Appearance and Personalization>Folder Options (or File Explorer Options in Windows 10) and click on the View tab, then move the dot to "Show hidden files and folders" and click on Apply. Next, navigate to C:\Program Data\PCPitstopDat and move the downloaded pcpsfed.dat and pcpsfed-inc.dat file to inside of the datRTP folder that is at that location. After you have both files inside the datRTP folder, over-write the current files if prompted, then reboot the computer and let us know if the issue is not resolved. Y

    Please try it again when you are able. Thank you Y
  12. Friday Night Video's

    So good! Y
  13. SuperShield Install Fail

    Well done! Thanks for letting us know. Have a great week-end! Y
  14. SuperShield Install Fail

    Sounds like Nav may have created some corruption here. 1) Uninstall Super Shield 2) Please use the following removal tool to insure that all of NAV is gone: Norton Removal Tool: https://support.norton.com/sp/en/us/home/current/solutions/kb20080710133834EN_EndUserProfile_en_us 3) Reinstall Super Shield from the following direct link: Super Shield: http://supershield-files.pcpitstop.com/pcmaticss3.0.0.5-setup.exe 4) Once the Super Shield icon turns green in the task bar, give the computer a final rebooting. Y
  15. T SHIRTS

    I just spoke to some of those who can bring more PC Matic gear onto the site and they are looking to do so. Hopefully soon! Y