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  1. Hey...I'm using Spectrum streaming 100meg internet through a Ubee router. The WPS button ontop, I don't know if its on or off. there are no WPS lights I'm at my desktop trying to connect this extender, but I just don't get it. Online info just repeats whats already in manual..Anybody have this same extender? I must be thicker than I thought Thanks
  2. Skippydoodle2

    Range extender problem

    OK Thanks!!!
  3. Hi I recently upgraded my internet router to up to 100 meg to stream tv channels. Now my Linksys range extender isnt even recognized by my computer..if our smartphones are near the extender, our wifi is disconnected and Linksys asks for us to sign in?? saying connection has been lost. I thought maybe it needs to be reconfigured, but I don't get any "Linksys extender setup" window at all to do this. Its a Model RE6500, maybe the hardware is too old?? Anyway, Thanks.....with the extender unplugged, the phones hook right back up after a minute.
  4. Skippydoodle2

    ipad dropping internet

    Morning..My wife's ipad drops our wifi connection at times, then she can't get back on. We go to settings where our family wifi is located, then says our password isn't valid which is bull because it's been the same for years! Then the next day she's back on out of the blue?? Is there a setting or something I can do to stop this from happening?? I believe it's a ipad 3. Thanks!!
  5. Skippydoodle2

    Faxing with the Computer

    Thanks for the replies..I will check those links out..
  6. Skippydoodle2

    Faxing with the Computer

    Hey everyone...do I absolutely need a fax modem or somehow can I fax with the hardware I have...I'm hooked up with a Time Warner router and modem...my phone line goes into the modem...I tried faxing with the "Windows fax and Scan" program" (I do have a separate scanner) but it said it couldn't connect, no dial tone..Thanks!!
  7. Skippydoodle2

    Burned CD's

    Holy crap!!...didn't mean to start anything, but you know, you are ALL right!......as for the cd, it plays in my Bluray player, but not in my kitchen player..oh well
  8. Skippydoodle2

    Burned CD's

    Simple question...I burned mp3 files to a cd..it plays on the computer, but doesn't play in our kitchen cd player..I downloaded the files from Frostwire (Torrent data?)...what's missing?? Thanks
  9. Thanks for your help it worked like a charm!!

  10. Skippydoodle2

    USB ports not seeing devices!

    no, I don't think we did reboot...what should I try?
  11. Skippydoodle2

    USB ports not seeing devices!

    Hello...my son has a DEll w/XP SP2 and 6 USB ports. He can't get his puter to see his Chocolate phone or his new PDA. Yet when I plugged in a flash drive it saw it right away, in the system tray and in My Computer as a new E drive. His phone works in my computer, which is 4 years older. Why would a USB port see my flash drive, but not the other devices?? He has uninstalled and reinstalled the software twice. Any ideas?? My son would appreciate any help. Thanks!!
  12. Skippydoodle2

    Msconfig Doesn't Open

    Hi again...I tried to open Regedit. It also doesn't open for me! The window is there for a split second and disappears. I did a virus scan(Norton's) and the puter checked out OK! I'm gonna run Spy-bot and Ad-aware again. Thanks
  13. Skippydoodle2

    Msconfig Doesn't Open

    Hi guys...I'm using WinXP and I run Spy-Bot and Ad-Aware twice a week. I also have 512 RAM in the system.....Skip
  14. Skippydoodle2

    Msconfig Doesn't Open

    Two problems..while trying to keep my computer in decent running order I tried to bring up MSCONFIG but nothing happened!(in the RUN feature of course). Then I hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete to see how many processes are running, and THAT pops up for a split second and disappears! Any help would be appreciated...Thanks!