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  1. If I were you I'd send emails to Evga and Tagan. I bet one of them will send you an extensions cable or the like. Jack
  2. http://forums.overclockers.co.uk/showthrea...=enermax+ground This is another thread about the Enermax Galaxy PSU with twin 8800GTX's. Whilst the Galaxy is SLI ready it isn't SLI certified - http://www.slizone.com/object/slizone_build_psu.html. A great PSU but it does appear to have some issues which you wouldn't expect when paying so much. Jack
  3. Sho, I've not owned one, but I did recently read a post form someone who was having trouble running 2 x 8800GTX's. Someone else posted saying they had the same problem and it seemed to be due to there being no grounding wire? the specs show that although it's Crossfire certified it's not SLI. I will try and find the link and post back (I think it was on the OCUK forums) Jack
  4. 2009 - http://www.onlineathens.com/stories/012807...070128027.shtml
  5. Thats a nice score. Looks like the newer 16mb raptors score 10-15 mb per driver better than the older 8mb ones. Glad you got it sorted DW. Jack
  6. I too find the Nvidia is faster than the Silicon. Looking at my settings I have mine set to 64 as I found it faster than 128 at stock speeds. When you went from 2 to 4, did you do a full format? If you have something like Acronis and a spare hard drive, image your data to the drive. Load windows from that drive and then test each raptor with WD's testing utilities. If they all pass, write 0's to them and ghost the image back to the 4 raided raptors. You could do this with 128 then 64 stripe to see what results you get. Good luck DW. Jack
  7. What stripe size are you using? I have 4x36gb raptors and have always scores around 240/260 with NF2 and NF2 raid. If I remember rightly, I used to use 128, although the Nvidia NF4 scored better at 64, will have a look and get back. One of my drives was one it's way out, rma'd it and got an excellant service from WD. Jack
  8. I like the DFi Ulta D but I think the best board I've had has to be the Asus P4C800-E Deluxe which I am still using today. Great solid board that OC'd well in it's day. Jack
  9. Which bios are you using Brandon? I think the latest is 2.4 - http://www.asrock.com/mb/download.asp?Model=775Dual-VSTA also if you haven't already update the VIA HyperionPro to ver:5.07A. Jack
  10. My phone line went down last Monday, BT fixed the problem but didn't plug my router back in. So when I returned home on Friday night I found my three rigs had spent four days trying to send their results and get new work packets Back up and running now, but is anyone else finding units take much longer now? I used to be able to complete a 390 pointer in a couple of days, now it takes over 4 Luckily I'm using my X1900 to keep the me ticking over. Good luck at bootcamp Lep . Jack
  11. My 3.4EE Used to do 600ppd, but it does no where near that now with todays WU's. If you are running the folding GPU client, it tells you how long each frame is taking, if your running console, you logfile will show it. Post a screen shot and people are less likely to disbelieve you. If not I'm sure your scores will prove you are getting the 2000ppd when they come through. Jack http://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/use...?s=&u=91283
  12. My 1900XTX and X2 4800 crunch just over 2 1258 GPUlambda units a day at 330 points each (25000000 at 1.4s per frame). So 2000ppd seems to be over-egging the pudding to me. Jack
  13. The answer your most likely to get here is, Upgarde and then overclock If I were you I would wait until lmid/end Jan 07 when there is reported Intel C2D price drops and upgrade then. Jack
  14. Having tested Vista throught to RC2, I wonder just how bloated this OS will be. I found it loved to use loads of virtual memory instead of using the systems spare RAM which in turn made it slower than it needed to be IMO. The thing I most looked forward to from Vista was the new file system which was going to improve the seek and access times. I now hear this is to be added at a later date.....now that's not going to cause many problems is it? All what I want is a safe, secure, responsive and compatible OS, I will happily pay for any add ons I may need, rather than have them bundled into the OS which in turn hogs resources and ofcourse pushed the price up.. Anyway, rant over... Jack
  15. Agree, even worse than ME and that's saying something. Char
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