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  1. I am using Win 7 until I get a Win10. I could not continue with windows mail and chose to pick Thunderbird for my email. But, when I downloaded it, I must have agreed to use imap, which TB uses for everyone. But my emails getting sent to me from Frontier/Yahoo and then are deleted from the server. imap does not have a checkbox to stop deletions. I can go into the settings and see the imap. Can I just change it to pop3, or are there other changes? Thanks for any help anyone can give me.
  2. Thanks, Nigsy, for the response. The 2 suggestions you made are confusing to me as I've never had to do them before. The Lenevo worked fine a month to six weeks ago, (I seldom use it, only when visitors are here), but now it doesn't work. I have a 25' HDMI cable that I've used for a couple of years. Could HDMI cable end be bad? Or Lenovo input be bad? I have a 4 year old 42" Haier TV that is seldom used and only for the HDMI. No idea what to do next.
  3. HDMI1, when chosen, Leads to a blue screen. PC is set on Netflix with a movie. HDMI2 does the same. These 2 are from the TV. Only one HDMI port on the Lenovo. F keys have no symbols. There was no option for "output device" in the properties graphic.
  4. Yes, there are four, but we have always used HDMI1. And there is only one on the Lenovo.
  5. Years back the Pit helped me with my first HDMI setup. I've used in many times up to this last weekend. I plugged the HDMI cable into the TV, changed setup in TV from TV to HDMI1, Plugged HDMI cable into PC (Worked fine before), set PC for Netflix and started feature, but no picture on TV. Was there a setup on the pc that I should have changed. It's a Lenovo. Thanking you in advance fro any help. rgsmile
  6. Before I can do this I have to have the right install disk. I've kept many over the years and this is bad in my case as I cannot read the Product Key off of the label on the PC. If I use the product key listed on the install disk envelope I'm afraid Microsoft will not go for it. I can read a few letters but can't find any to match and on a disk. I've given away so many Win 7's that I probably gave away the wrong install disk with the right code. Before I wipe this pc's system and reinstall it, where can I find the product key in the internal pc. I seem to remember that years back someone asked this. Win 7 64 bit. I also have a Win 7 32 bit to re-install. Thanks in advance for your help. rgsmile <>
  7. It turned out to be a display setting. It was showing a 1 and a 2 and my friend had me click around in display and then the 1 and two were merged and that took care of it. Thanks for the help. It was the posts here that got my friend thinking about solutions.
  8. I Have the HDMI plugged into both pc and tv. I get perfect sound on the tv from the pc, but no picture. just screen saver image. Anyone have any ideas? Please!
  9. While I was doing my last post here, I was also running the windows updates. It found 4 and they were installed. I then did some other things on another pc and just came back a few minutes ago. I checked the windows updates History and it only showed the 4 I had installed/ But then I checked the Installed Updates and they were all there. So, it looks like Joes C's deal worked. I hope.
  10. Well, I ran Joe C's post and it started out great. I downloaded and saved the 2 updates, rebooted, went off line before reboot, installed the two updates, rebooted and got back on-line, checked Windows updates and there was 7. @ failed and I retried, but they failed again. I rebooted and ran the fixit tool, rebooted and CHECKED the windows updates AND ALL OFTHE UPDATES THAT WERE INSTALLED DISAPPEARED. Right back to square one. Screw you Microsoft.
  11. But, what if you have run the Fix it tool and that does not help and when you try to run the updates it just runs and runs and runs. And I firmly believe that Microsoft is purposely doing this, to get all users over to Win 10. What a Monster Microsoft has become.
  12. I talked to the supplier and he is replacing the PC and is also sending me a disk which includes 2 windows updates that are to be done right after you re-install the OS, which has to be done without being connected to the internet. After these 2 are installed, then you can connect to the internet and should be able to install updates with no problems. I'll let you all know how that goes. Have a great day.
  13. Thanks, Signman, for the tip. I'm going to hold until I hopefully hear from the supplier.
  14. That is probably what I will do. Thanks.
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