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  1. When I set up wireless on my laptop, (XP) I got the same message until I disabled the LAN connection from control panel. Click Control panel, network connections, highlight "Local Area Connection", right click it and select "disable". That should take care of the message. Just remenber to enable it if he wants to use a "wired" connection.
  2. Signman

    Dell hard drive swap

    What kind of problems can I expect if I swap a hard drive from a Dell Dimension 2400 with XP Home into a Dell Dimension 8200 that has no hard drive. I was given the 8200 from work minus the hard drive.
  3. Signman

    Dell hard drive swap

    Bruce, with that being said, I guess I'll resort to a new hard drive and a new XP disk.
  4. Signman

    Dell hard drive swap

    Yes, the 8200 had XP Pro..not home edition. Will I be able to use the "system restore" disk for the 2400 to reinstall XP if I put that drive in the 8200. My 2400 came with just a "restore" disk. I also have a restore disk for my 8400 that also has XP Home on it. Could I possibly use that disk instead of the 2400? I may end up having to buy a full install XP disk plus a hard drive......still worth it though for the money.
  5. Signman

    Mcupdate.exe is hogging my resources!

    I've done some searching since I replied to this and have found out that file may be a protected file in Vista. Vista uses what is called WRP (Windows Resource Protection) which may not let you delete the file. There are ways around this but you might wait around for someone that is more familiar with Vists and how to do this sort of thing. I wouldn't want to steer you in the wrong direction since I don't use Vista....yet. Sorry...
  6. Signman

    Mcupdate.exe is hogging my resources!

    Safe mode in Vista should be the same as XP.........as computer is beginning to boot up, start tapping the F8 key....at the screen select Safe mode....should get you there. Make sure folder view is set to show hidden files before you search.....
  7. Signman

    Mcupdate.exe is hogging my resources!

    You can reboot to safe mode, search the computer for all instances of "mcupdate.exe" then delete them. Reboot and it should be gone.
  8. Signman

    Apple PC questions,,,

    You may get some replies if you post this in the "Apple/Mac" forum here. Not many of us on this end fool with the Mac. PM a moderator and ask them to move this question into the Mac forum.
  9. I have been ask to setup the wireless internet on a new Dell laptop with Vista. I don't know squat about Vista. Could someone give me some pointers? Where stuff is located...etc? I have also been told that there are problems with Vista connecting to certain routers. What routers would be safe to use? I have a feeling you will here from me again..
  10. bfvmg...are you saying to change the view to Classic XP before I start trying to do anything. (so I can find everything) Ok then to change it back once everything is setup and working?
  11. Signman

    Ipconfig Doesn't work at all...

    Glad that fixed your problem!
  12. Signman

    Ipconfig Doesn't work at all...

    (On XP) Right click My Computer -> Properties. Click on the tab that is labeled Advanced. Click on Environment Variables. Scroll down in the window 'System Variables' until you see 'Path'. The path needs to be like the one below... %SystemRoot%\system32;%SystemRoot%;%SystemRoot%\System32\Wbem
  13. Signman

    Ipconfig Doesn't work at all...

    Well, I'll add my simple question too....are you including a space after ipconfig?.......like this ipconfig /release Try it again with a space included after the word ipconfig.
  14. Thanks for the reply spacemonkey.....they haven't received the laptop yet nor have they bought a router. I thought that Vista would be about the same as XP ....just thought I would throw it out there and see what kind of response I would get. A lot of lookers....but no replies. Guess I am in the same boat as everyone else.
  15. Signman

    Laptop Computer Problems

    The cmos battery in that laptop is called a RTC battery. They run about 15 to 20 bucks. You can probably install it yourself with the help of the service manual here. Look under Removal and Replacement Procedures...5.10 "Real Time" clock. If you are not mechanically inclined...I would suggest you get a competent computer repair shop to replace it for you since it involves opening up the laptop. That service may run as much as 75.00. I have noticed you started another thread here that seems to be the same thing. Please try to keep all your related questions in the first thread so we can follow what's being done to help you. I believe once you replace the cmos battery, you will be ok.
  16. Signman

    Laptop Computer Problems

    Sounds like the motherboard battery is dead. When you boot the computer back up after it shuts off...is the time and date not correct. That would be a dead giveaway. The old Compaq I had did that...had to replace the cmos battery.
  17. Signman

    ethernet controller conflict

    You could try this... while in device manager, highlight the ethernet controler and delete it. Exit out and reboot the computer. The computer will reload the controler with it's proper driver.
  18. Signman

    Microsoft word

    Is this on a laptop or desktop computer? Believe it or not, Word requires a "printer" of some type to be installed. Some other suggestions here. I just noticed you have a thread here pertaining to a printer starting up. From the replies, if you have disabled the printer at startup, maybe that is why you are having trouble with Word starting up................like I said.....it needs a printer to function properly.
  19. I've heard that problem too!
  20. Signman


    If you have another empty slot inside the case, try moving the video card to another slot. It may be trying to use a IRQ that is already in use. Look in device manager (right click my computer, properties, hardware, device manager button) and see if there is a yellow exclaimation mark beside the card. Also F2 or F12 might get you into bios. It could also be bad drivers. Might not hurt to update the video drivers.
  21. Sounds to me like you may have a nasty on there. My boss had the same problem a while back and nothing we could do would fix his.....well, nothing but a format and reinstall. In the meantime, you might try this......line 195 on the right hand side of the screen.
  22. Signman


    I found these at HP's site. I also looked at driverguide.com and they also have them. I searched using Compaq PCI 10/100 48115.
  23. Could be a number of things......I would start here. It's an automated "fix" from Castlecops. That might get you going.
  24. Signman

    Ways to disable reader_sl.exe?

    Open the run box and type "services.msc" without the quotes and press enter.
  25. According to this article, you need a newer ATX type power supply along with APM enabled in the bios for it to work.