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  1. Revert back from Windows 10 to Windows 8?

    About the only option you may have at this point would be to restore your laptop by a recovery partition on the laptop or restore CDs if they were included with your Acer when you purchased it. Give us the Model number of your Acer and we might be able to tell if it has a recovery partition or not.
  2. I don't have Office 2016 but in my version when that happens I have to adjust my margins on the original page. That's what works for me. Might have a look at that.
  3. pink screen

    There is a way to kill the program from running ...while at the command prompt type CMD and hit enter. Type "tasklist" without the quotes and a list of everything that is running will appear. look and see if there is something called "slimcleaner" or slimeclean.exe or something to that effect. If there is you can kill it from running. Let's say it's called slimcleaner.exe" for this example. You would type the following: taskkill /C /im slimcleaner.exe and press enter. that should kill the program. Then reboot.
  4. pink screen

    runball try this.. reboot computer and start tapping F8 to get the black screen where you select safe mode but select safe mode with command prompt.once there press enter then type "rstrui.exe" without the quotes and press enter. This should bring up system restore points if there are any at all. Note that there may not be any if they were not set up from within Windows to begin with. I saw where you said that there wasn't any restore points listed in the beginning of your post.
  5. pink screen

    Slimcleaner is a piece of crap! Should never be installed on a computer. It's very misleading in what it does. When you get into safe mode, can you see the start button? If so see if you can go to control panel then to programs and features. If it's listed in the installed programs, try to uninstall the program. Might be a start.
  6. Video Downloader for Youtube

    Glad I could help!
  7. MS Excel Starter slow to open spreadsheets

    Open your Excel App first then open your spreadsheet. See if that helps. You might also see if you can reset Microsoft Office from the control panel. Just highlight Microsoft Office Starter Edition and click change, then click repair. That should reset it and take care of any "bugs" you may have.
  8. Restore point on win 10

    Unless something has changed that I am not aware of, System Restore will only use the C: drive for restore points. That being said you can limit the amount of space being used on the drive for restore points. You can also back up your restore points to a different drive but the original restore points will be on C: drive. Perhaps in a pinch you could back them up then delete them from C drive but I wouldn't recommend doing that.
  9. Video Downloader for Youtube

    No software needed! Just copy your youtube link, open a new tab on your browser, type in "www.ssyoutube.com" without the quotes and paste your copied link into the box. You will see another area open up below your pasted link with options of format and resolution to download. Make your selection and save to computer. No need to download installers or software.
  10. Refurb PC won't update Windows

    If you're still having issues you might give this a try... https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/gp/windows-update-issues/en-us
  11. Acronis 2013

    Found out what was wrong with my Acronis.....I guess the cleaning lady had accidently unplugged the USB cable from my external drive moving it. I was trying to access some files I had stored on it and noticed it wasn't listed in my directory.
  12. Acronis 2013

    Anybody having trouble with Acronis 2013 and Windows 7 Home? For about a month now the scheduled daily backup has failed to start. I've done about all I can figure to correct this. Just started out of the blue.....I've even updated it to the freshest version and uninstalled and reinstalled. Still no go. What am I missing?
  13. MSVCR80.DLL Missing

    Y is correct.....I've been through this a number of times myself. Just to be safe you can backup your iTunes media before you do anything... That's what I do. http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1751
  14. Logging on

    Try restarting the computer. If that don't work you may have to create a new profile...for your user name..(create new account)
  15. PC Sluggish

    As Terry suggested...if you are using a router...make sure you lock it down so you are the only one that can use it. Your neighbor may be using it without your knowledge. Check for updated router firmware. I'd also make sure you are using up to date drivers for your network adapter. I had a similar case with the wife's computer a while back. I have my router locked down so I knew it wasn't being used by anyone. She was having trouble with videos pausing and even dropping connection. I updated the network card drivers from the manufacture and now everything works great..so check out those drivers. There are also some speed tweaks on the net you can check out. I'll warn you before hand though...make backups and restore points before you run anything or make any kind of changes.