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  1. May be a little step in the right direction. If & when you get it back, pin to start menu & stay out of system32... Take a look at what firekracker,stormy13 & indy said. Good luck! : Hawk
  2. more specifically, pleez don't asked about any type of pirated product, software or download in any of the forums....and KL falls into that category as well. the use of and/or discussion of anything pirated is illegal and in violation of the Pit Rules. firekracker...It seems like I've been here before? Isn't this the same member that posted Name and Shame or something like that? Had to do with some hacking,if I recall correctly. Thought you might remember.... Hawk
  3. Did you try doing a search for rstrui ? If you have XP, the filename is Restore but in the file it is rstrui. Knew that. OK! Nuf said. I think I would pin to startup, when you get it back. lol Hawk :beer:
  4. As Newdles mentioned,there is that option in Disk Cleanup where you can delete all but the most recent restore point. If my rig is running good, I will use the option & it frees a bit of HDD space. It's still there if I need it.Just an opinion....... Hawk
  5. Should have that option. I have XP (Home) & mine has it. Hawk
  6. There are two programs I use Aida32 & Fresh Diagnose. I prefer Aida32 but it is quit a bit bit larger that Fresh Diagnose. It runs about 3MB & Fresh Diagnose about 1.2MB. If you have the room, I would think Aida32 would be the best. I will give you the URL for each:http://www.snapfiles.com/get/aida32.html http://www.snapfiles.com/get/freshdiagnose.html If you have a problem, let me know. Hawk
  7. There are some viruses Norton cannot eliminate but only detect. One I know of is W32 Welchia Worm because I had it attack when I did a reinstall & was trying to update Norton.There are others that Norton cannot eliminate but as far as the ones that attacked you, I can only guess at. There are special tools provided by Symantec for removal athttp://security.symantec.com/avcenter/tools.list.html Hawk
  8. I use Norton Pro & have found it very reliable. I have it set for auto updates and I also do my own check every now & then to make sure it is updated. If you reinstall Norton, you will have to update right away to make it effective. That's my opinion on Norton. As far as the rest of your question goes, are you asking what types & kinds of programs you should download & run? Could you elaborate a bit more? Hawk
  9. Hi firekracker,I am quite new to this forum but my understanding is that in helping other members we must abide by a certain code of ethics and I for one am not interested in circumventing EULAs or aiding somebody to set up and use illegal copies of anything. From what you have stated, I think this is the point you are trying to make. I am only here to help in situations where I feel I have some knowledge of the problem and by using that knowledge,may be able to help that person. In some cases, I will only go to the limit of my knowledge and leave the balance of the advice to members with expertise to complete the post. After all & from what I have read in other posts, aren't we at our best when we work as a team? Hawk
  10. Do you have any diagnostic programs such as Aida32 or Fresh Diagnose? If you do, may be able to tell if they recognise your CD. Just another thought... Hawk
  11. Just a suggestion, but did you try a search for Microsoft Excel with your search engine. May find a site with free trialware or free download shareware.I doubt if you will find it as freeware. There are some office suite available as freeware. Try using Office Suite +freeware as your search words. May turn up something you can use. Hawk
  12. Just a thought but did you check your IDE cable connection? Hawk
  13. I don't know about the rest of you but I don't think this is the appropriate forum to discuss illegal copies of anything. Count me out! Hawk
  14. There is in power options as was mentioned. Under power schemes, there is an option that will turn off monitor after a specified time. This may not be what you are looking for but thought I would mention anyway. Hawk
  15. Is you O/S XP & your browser IE? Also, are you downloading updates or patches? For XP you should be on http://www.v4.windowsupdate.microsoft.comLook for "Critical" patches. Hawk
  16. Right on Hulk! I had to reformat awhile ago and was trying to get Norton updated but kept getting knocked off line. Did some backdoor tricks and got it updated. First thing it picked up was W32.Welchia worm. Got tool & fixed it. When you get back on line, get some Av & spyware/adware programs. I can suggest some like Ad-Aware,Spybot S&D & Spysweeper for spyware/adware & Zone Alarms or Tiny Personal FW for firewalls. If you want to have a look at this site, it has a lot of freeware programs http://www.webattack.com & links to other freeware sites. I'm sure some of the other members will offer you some other suggestions as well. Hawk
  17. I assume you are stating that you have auto updates enabled ? It appears something is blocking the update ie. firewall or spy program. Try going directly to Microsoft Windows Updates. I think you should also run and antivirus & adware program you have, in the event there might be something in your system. Hawk
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