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  1. I used to work for Best Buy when we sold the systems. They were second to none, great for the gamer, no intergrated parts, top of the line MOBO's and hardware, they put eveything else we sold to shame, probably why we stopped selling them. Then we had the VPR Matrix computers. Again, awesome kick@$$ systems! But HP got p!$$y and threatned to drop Best Buy if we didn't stop pushing the VPR (best buy made them, so we were outselling our competition which we sold in the store) so we had to stop with them. All these cheap companies, DELL, GATEWAY, COMPAQ/HP, eMachine, hate when a company develops a system that blows them out of the water. Only thing better than a VPR or Alienware would be a self built system, only because it would save a few hundred dollars!
  2. Here is a pretty little application that will clear the air for you and tell you exactly what it all is... IntelĀ® Processor Frequency ID Utility Enjoy!
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