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  1. The problem isn't with the computer, its with the website ( www.channelsurfing.net ). It uses an activeX control to set up the video feed, which is exactly what you shouldn't do unless, of course, you're purposely trying to block people from viewing your videos. I have mac, linux, and windows and it only works on windows in IE (I used version 6). Without the activeX control you can't even get to the video stream even if you have the codecs. Btw, my copy of windows is running through Parallels on my Mac. I suggest this or another piece of virtual machine software for situations like this.
  2. Neo X1

    Any suggestions

    I'm pretty sure that nero can do that for you when you burn an audio cd. I think it works by removing anything thats equal on both channels, which isn't going to give you the best quality result. I suggest you just download the instrumental version of whatever songs you're looking to use for karaoke... or go to a store and buy some karaoke cds like we do.
  3. The network I deal with is far larger than yours, for one. We did inventory last summer and it was somewhere in the ballpark of 700 computers. And the needs are apparently far more varied. Some people need certain applications that others do not (a major pain in the butt, lemme tell you ). Some people have access rights that most don't (generally not difficult to handle). There's a dozen different models of Dell pre-built computers in use at the moment and of those quite a few have had certain hardware added or removed as necessary for whatever reason and until we finally switched EVERYBODY to XP, three versions of Windows (here's where things get hairy). Taking into consideration the sheer volume that we deal with, most of the time things go smoothly, but there hasn't been one day where everything went according to plan.
  4. I do the kind of work you're talking about and its nowhere near as easy as you claim. It is a CONSTANT job trying to maintain all of those computers even with the ability to push the OS from a server as well as having the ability to push software remotely. We have a list of about 15 different Windows configurations to choose from for all of the different types of computers there are to deal with. Even with that list being the major timesaver it is, we still have to test and further configure every computer we do that to because things go wrong more often than I'd like for what seems like no reason. My job is constant scrubbing, cleaning, poking, prodding, reinstalling and restarting. I'm glad people who love Windows for illogical reasons exist... they keep me employed. If the company used *nix on the hundreds of computers in the building it'd take 4 of us to maintain the whole thing instead of the dozen or so there are now.
  5. That WOULD be a smart move to make... however, a simple google search will yield the very simple workaround. The page even documents how to find out what the password is.
  6. Ok... so theives are gonna just start formatting first. Security foiled.
  7. I happen to have Quake 4, Doom 3, Unreal Tournament 2004, Knights Of The Old Republic 1 and 2, Need For Speed Underground, Age Of Empires, and Starcraft. I'm always oh so bored with my linux distro.
  8. Neo X1

    HALO3 Vid

    I don't understand why they'd use pre-rendered graphics this time around. The regular graphics are already amazing and they've always been big on showing off what the engine can really do. This must be Microsoft's influence...
  9. Just to let you guys know what kind of nastiness I have in store! http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=QAJDFWTE8YWSWYUC 2.4B fx5600 1gb DDR! RAWR! For anybody that's been keeping tabs... yes... there's been some downgrades. Damn power company killed my 9800pro and wouldn't pay for it! The nVidia card works better in Linux anyway though. I'm gonna see what kinda tweaks I can do to my VMware setup to get that score higher. I wonder if I can get it going from the commandline....
  10. I might have to dust off my voodoo card and show you wippersnappers a thing or two!
  11. This thread has just convinced me that I am officially old. I definitely can't see spending that much money on any console and the idea of arguing about it seems even more troublesome. I'm gonna go find a blanket, watch Quantum Leap, drink some ensure, and take a nap.
  12. We don't say it doesnt work. We say it doesn't work well in 3D applications. I had a 9800pro and it got the job done, but the fx5600 (a considerably slower card) i'm using now spanks it in linux.
  13. Neo X1


    Since when did Ubuntu become a distro that uses RPMs? I think you need to stop for a second and consider what you're doing.
  14. Neo X1


    It probably thinks that its a real player media file, which is why uninstalling realplayer is always one of the first things I do after I install a distro. I've never seen mplayer pull that crap before though. I'm sure a change in file associations will fix that for you.
  15. I had to install mozilla-nspr-4.6.3-6.1.i586.rpm and mozilla-nss-3.11.3-3.1.i586.rpm from the same server I got FF2 from. I've had FF2 for a good few weeks now. And you can uninstall those translations if you don't use them.
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