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  1. The Asus has a problem. The cooling unit on the CPU was so heavy at some point moving it around broke the CPU socket away from the board. I'll see if I can fix it, but likely going to need a motherboard.
  2. HEY! Volt and Bruce both not around? Wow. I'll try to stop by more. I am very busy but I do miss you folks and this forum. Thanks for keeping a light on.
  3. Hey Juliet- We are well, thanks. Kids almost all raised...one 16 year old left. Still trying to get a 21 year old out of the house, she's on the back of my bike in the picture. Hope you are well. I'll stop by again.
  4. Hi- It's been a long while. I noticed I finally fell out of the top ten posters to number eleven. LOL! Nice to see familiar names...Bruce...volt...Jacee...caintry_boy...Juliet...duanster...IntelGuy...Y kawika...brandon...Joe C...and more.... Yes volt, I really am a doctor. LOL! These days I am into online medical education, medical board review, webinars, EMR, open source medical education, remote support, and more. I haven't played with hardware, software, BIOS, etc for a while. When last involved I was hacking OS GUI, BIOS, as well as playing with Gentoo and Ubuntu Linux, multi-boots, and firmware mods. I am still a big open source fan. My old multi-boot Asus based tower that these forums helped me build is sitting here next to my desk in my office. I am planning on booting it soon after years sitting idle. My old hardware hot-rodded and BIOS hacked C840 Dell is here too...still runs strong in a multi-boot. Planning to see if I can run Windows 10 on it. I got it up to 7 before I left it aside to concentrate on the medical career, surgery, medical education, family, and other such things. I hope you are all well. When I get some free time I will check in. All the best- Chopdoc, The Chopper Doctor
  5. Update: The new version is out of Beta: http://open-sankore.org/
  6. Pot shots? Kettle? Black? It's been lot's of fun, really, but my rare day off comes to a close. Back to the grind in the early AM so I'll just leave you to it. Software, hardware, whatever, I'm going back to the revolution rather than just talk about it.
  7. Yes of course, nothing to it at all. Bruce was using IWBs running Linux in first grade, web conferencing and collaborating on tablets with live freehand annotations, and producing artwork with dual touch tablets with 2048 levels of sensitivity. As I said: a revolution in a number of contexts. We're a little beyond clicking on "large french fries" on proprietary POS systems running a few kilobytes of memory and a monochrome screen.
  8. Well......the screens I use are substantially large...though I don't know their dimensions I would estimate you could drive a car through them and there are two of them. They are run by a Hitachi Starboard. http://www.hitachisolutions-us.com/starboard/products/pen_displays/'>http://www.hitachisolutions-us.com/starboard/products/pen_displays/ It is of course Wacom based hardware. Though some may seem uncomfortable with the idea, touchscreen technology is a revolution in a number of contexts. http://www.hitachisolutions-us.com/starboard/
  9. Of course Linux does, I never said it didn't. I use it as well, but 99% of the time I am using 7 on my touchscreen laptop.
  10. Yup, but more and more one is able to use touch input as an adjunct even in such settings as you suggest, and I believe touch will actually overtake other traditional inputs even in that setting. That's why at my desk my big LCD is also a dual touch screen. In the lecture hall we use a Hitachi Starboard.....very, very cool. I wish I had such a thing when I was a student. Touch technology and IWB software is revolutionizing the classroom and boardroom especially when adding classroom and online collaboration. For me it's about flexibility. In one presentation I might use Powerpoint, plus the web, plus a whiteboard annotation software, plus a whiteboard drawing software to incorporate prepared material, plus images (x-Ray, CT, MRI) with image manipulation and annotation, plus freehand drawing, plus animations. If a clinical or academic matter comes up on the fly I have powerful resources at hand to address it fast and clear, to convey information in amazing ways that enhance understanding to a degree that almost seems unreal. The end product is simplicity itself, which is the ultimate in conveying such complex information, and belies the complexity of the technology used to produce that result.
  11. Update: There is a new Beta version: http://open-sankore.org/node/17 http://dev.open-sankore.org/xwiki/bin/view/Sankore/Download
  12. I'm looking forward to it. Desktops/mice/keyboards are becoming archaic anyway, though the OS will still run in that context I am sure. I am very much enjoying my convertible touchscreen laptop since I got it. As a business device it rocks both in the office and in the board room, as a teaching platform it rocks both one-on-one and in the lecture hall, as a clinical device it rocks at the bedside and in the office, as an entertainment device it rocks in the living room and out and about, and as a personal computer it does everything well, anytime, anywhere. Oh....and I have it running Windows 7 Ultimate 99% of the time. As for the "eye candy"......yup, plenty of that. Obviously those who make such comments and intend it to be some sort of accusation are using no GUI and are command line only Linux users.....right?
  13. Hmmmmm....old thread..... BTW I have my Dell C840 still running W7....as well as an Acer, a Toshiba, and a Compaq...all on W7. All old hardware (newest one is from 2006) and all running great. The 800 PIII desktop is still running W7 as well, and working great.
  14. Wanted to try it. I won't install on my W7 Ultimate 32bit. No big deal. I'll try it some other time. (Happily typed in SRWare Iron Browser, IMHO the best going right now.)
  15. Update: Pen sensitivity works great after downloading the Wacom Enhanced Drivers: http://www.wacom.com/tabletpc/driver.cfm I highly recommend this driver, especially for those using their Tablet for artwork. For me, it just makes academic and professional presentations that much better. It provides a new icon in the Control Panel where one can access a bunch of pen sensitivity settings as well as settings for the eraser. Very nice.
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