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  1. I just bought a replacement battery for the one that originally came with my MacBook Pro that I bought two years ago, since my MacBook Pro shuts down without warning way before it's supposed to (around 91% battery charge left). I heard about "calibrating" your Apple battery to keep it in good shape via this link , but I am having a little trouble understanding steps 4 and 5 of the section for MacBook Pros (middle of page). Step 4 says to "continue to keep your computer on until it goes to sleep. Save all your work and close all applications when the battery gets very low, before the computer goes to sleep," and then afterwards, in step 5, to "turn off the computer or allow it to sleep for five hours or more." My question is, if my MacBook's already asleep by step 5, how am I supposed to access the menu to turn it off? I suppose Apple is making a distinction here between 'shutting down' and 'turning off,' right? If they are, then would all I have to do to complete step 5 be to press and hold the power button on my MacBook Pro? Thanks, T
  2. Thanks Jacee, I wasn't aware of that. I have uninstalled MSN Explorer from Add/Remove Programs, Brandon, but the popup still comes up. I can't find anything about it on the web either. I have, however, in the meantime downloaded that extension you mentioned. You can never be too safe. Thanks for the help. Torrey
  3. Yes, and there is nothing related to MSN. I will get more screenshots when the thing pops up again.
  4. Hey guys and girls, I recently downloaded Firefox 3 for my Windows XP x64 Pro computer. I find that often when I am on the internet a pop-up of indeterminate origin will appear. Would any of you happen to have seen such a pop-up? I have included a screenshot here for you to look at. It would probably be helpful also to add that if I do not close out the pop-up, Firefox refuses to access any website that I wish to visit; i.e., it will forever stay at "loading _website name_," as reflected by the status bar at the bottom of the Firefox browser. Once I close it, however, the website quickly loads. Thanks! T http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c11/Torr...snconnector.jpg
  5. It's pretty overwhelming. Sometimes I find myself tired from all the viewing area. haha. Do you own a similar screen?
  6. I finally gave in to what had been tempting me for months, a new 23" Apple Cinema display screen! I love it. http://www.torreywang.com/pictures/mac/macanddisplay.JPG
  7. Hi guys, I have a MacBook Pro that I use for college with a lot of important content in it. Now that I'm working on a thesis, I have started to become paranoid about the possibility of having it, in addition to my other files, irrevocably lost to a sudden disk malfunction, or just disappearing inexplicably, and other such worries. I wonder if there are software out there that can create an image of my hard disk so that in the event that something like those situations happens, my laptop will easily be restored back to its original state? I have also thought about getting an external hard drive as a backup solution. Would this hard disk work with my Mac? Which method do you guys prefer? If there are software like the kind I asked about, how large would a disk image be? Would it be able to fit into a regular DVD?--I have approximately 55gbs of files in my MacBook Pro. Thanks for your suggestions, Tori
  8. I used Nice'N Clean Anti-Static cleaning wipes that I got from Wal-Mart; it is basically lint-free cloth mixed with a solution of isopropyl alcohol and water. Anyway, those wipes left streaks on my screen, which aren't visible when it is on, but noticeable when the laptop and screen are turned off. I guess it is adviseable not to use that product again, but what do you guys use to clean your screen?
  9. I just bought a MacBook Pro (2.16GHz, 120GB option) with my education discount, and I can't believe how long I've missed out on Macs! It is so cool, haha.
  10. 105 in the scorching Utah heat. And I thought Texas was hot.
  11. I hear the 3800 AM2s and 939s are supposedly being given a huge pricecut in the next week or two, with prices being somewhere in the $100-$130 range after discount.
  12. You're terribly cantankerous. I come here asking for help and the first thing you do is criticize some specialized knowledge that I put on my own website, as if I'm supposed to make it accessible so your erudite self can understand what is being implied. As for this comment: ..all I can say is you're extremely ignorant, and love caviling over minutiae. I am not going to change the spelling of an epochal quote in an epochal work of literature. Perhaps you might, because you seem like the pedantic kind, and then maybe it will make you feel good that you can spell the word "many" and a 8 year old kid can't. I hate quarreling but you speak to people with such superciliousness and with such little regard for their feelings.
  13. The statement "because we are too menny" was part of a terse suicide note written by Little Father Time to his father Jude Fawley in Thomas Hardy's novel "Jude the Obscure." A beater in ancient Greek mythology helped hunters uncover game from their hiding places by making loud noises, expediting the hunting process. It is used metaphorically in my highly prolix and perhaps, to uninformed people, incoherent paragraph; however, it makes perfect sense. I don't need help with grammar. I am a grammar tutor for the philosophy department at my university. Little Father Time is an 8 year old kid.
  14. I think I've got it! http://www.photos.torreywang.com/
  15. I have installed Jalbum on my computer, and am about to publish my newly created album. The subdomain for the photos site has been setup, and I am wondering if I need to rename the output page of jalbum's page to index.htm, or if it's okay to just publish the album using Jalbum's wizard. Also, the subdomain of my site is photos.torreywang.com; how do I set this up in my FTP program? What is the hostname and the directory? Is it just torreywang.com/photos, or is it photos.torreywang.com? Is this how to do it? (http://faq.1and1.com/domains/using_and_setting_up_the_domain_/2.html) Thanks. p.s. all4sma thanks for offering your assistance. I'll post all future inquiries hereon. 1. according to this site: http://faq.1and1.com/domains/using_and_set..._domain_/2.html I need to setup directories within my webspace for each domain. However, only the automatically created subdomain with the really long name can be edited to setup a new destination. Why is this? I tried unlocking it, but that option is grayed out.
  16. I want the US to win, but I feel like England will run away with the trophy. Gerrard is awesomeee.
  17. WOw thanks rcranium. This is great information.
  18. Def Leppard - Bringin' on the Heartbreak
  19. We have to first examine the man's motive for killing the pedophile.
  20. Okay now you're exaggerating egregiously. I play f.e.a.r. at 1024x768 at very compromised settings with my x2 4400+ @ 2.8GHz/1GB DDR550/3 x 160GB Sata2 in Raid-0/256MB GeForce 6800 and it'd be a big stretch to say the game is anything but "smooth."
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