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  1. No it doesn't give any further information. Nothing listed under properties. The drive is 83.3 GB's free of 183 GB's. It's just an odd icon. I think it's related to my picture folder because the thumbnails go ham. I also can't really open them either. I'll see if I can copy it elsewhere then delete but trying to open them causes my computer to go really slow. Can't find any errors though.
  2. When I open file explorer, I started seeing an icon where the C drive is. It's a yellow caution or warning sign with an exclamation in the middle. So I scanned the drive for errors but it found none. I then scanned for viruses and it cleared as well. I optimized the drive in defragmentor...but I cannot seem to find out why this icon is there. Any ideas? The only odd issue I noticed is when I click on my downloads folder, there is a sub folder with a bunch of pics inside of it. When I open that, all the thumbnails will flash and reload. Like they all go blank then load back up and repeate constantly. I don't know what that means either.
  3. That's what I see when I try to open the website from this site's home page. So what's up with that? Clicking on it shows it's listed under Scam labled as scamware, rogue software and scareware. I don't quite get it, I thought this site was legit.
  4. I'll just assume no one knows then. Though i'm pretty sure many people with Macbooks have Windows 10 pro installed. Same hardware, same drivers so there has to be a group of people that also experience this.
  5. Well sometimes my start menu pops up too just from simply moving the mouse cursor with 1 finger to click on something. In fact it did it just now as I was leaving reddit, I went to go click on a new tab and before I got my cursor up there, the start menu pops up. There are no gestures for start menu, at least nothing I know of and I only had 1 finger on the trackpad. AFIK there shouldn't be any gestures to change the font size either. I don't even know how to turn off multi touch. All my system is Windows 10 pro with Apple drivers for my specific model MacBook. If I open Boot camp, there isn't much there really. Theres only 2 options checked. Tap to click and secondary tap. Dragging and secondary click are OFF and there are no other settings at all. Also I should note that I even tried to replicate it. I can move the cursor all around right now, use 2 fingers, use 3 fingers...the gestures do as they should. 2 finger tap opens right click but I cannot get it to open the start menu or change size....it seems to be almost random. I've had this laptop since 2013, albeit using OSX and I just recently switched it to Windows 10 and never had the issue under OSX so either it's like a driver thing or Windows has it's own gestures but I can't find it.
  6. It happens quite a bit and is very annoying but when I move my finger around on the trackpad (MacBook pro hardware with Windows 20) while using the Microsoft browser, the text on web sites will change, usually bumping up higher. There doesn't seem to be a specific maneuver, like I could just move my cursor over towards the back button and it'll happen. Maybe the trackpad is too sensitive but there is no way to change it. I tried to replicate my moves right after it happens but then it won't do it so I think the problem is how it's recognizing gestures but the only way to increase size is to pinch my fingers in or apart but it's hard to do, like it doesn't respond that well when I actually try so no clue why it's doing it when I don't try.