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    Pc solutions. There are many problems existing online. Ranging from adware, malware attacks, and PCs freezing out.

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  1. The problem is mostly associated with USB SUSPEND MODE kicking in.. The following worked for me: Go to -Control Panel- select -Power Options You must be using on of the following power 'Balance' or 'Power Saver', select the "Change plan settings" Then, Select Change advanced power settings, and expand USB settings by clicking on the <+> sign Next Expand further the USB selective suspend setting Set both On battery and Plugged in to 'Disabled' and click 'Apply
  2. Just has suggested, you need to perform a system restore back to when the mouse was working okay. Then, to prevent the issue from re-occurring, perform the following tasks.
  3. Dantes

    Reddit Revelation

    Reddits admission that some employees account were compromised is a complete horror to many. Very many questions to ask; however, the main question is are we really safe online? To be safe always ensure you use two-factor authentication in all your accounts.