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    Cannot white list.

    Can you confirm you received my log file ? Thanks
  2. KennyGolub

    Cannot white list.

  3. KennyGolub

    Cannot white list.

    I can't get my password application in the white list. I've created a couple tickets over the last week or so and have received no response. The help file tells me to go to the advanced mode so a popup will appear allowing me to white list it. I have yet to see a popup of any kind in the week I've been running it. I am using Windows 10 and the application is called "Sticky Password". The only way I can use it is to pause protection, run the application, and minimize it on the task bar. I can then enable protection, but must leave it minimized. Prior to installing PC-Matic, it ran on boot up and stayed in the background until called for.