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  1. well unfortunatly i dont have any friend that can pass me a video card... but how i can be sure its the video card instead the bad motherboard ? i suspect the board but im not expert you are
  2. board is a gygabyte ga-970a-d3p processor is amd fx8350 graphis card is a »his R9 270X 2 FAN power suply is a coolermaster g650 ram is 2 x 4g hyper x kingston anbd 2 x 2 g kingston hyper x red « ( i tried tro switrch them all remove, put only 1, etc already ) cooler is a hyper 212 evo coolermaster i tried another power suply , its doing the same thing,
  3. also there is 1 of the fan on my graphic card not working, i pulled it out tried to clean it with vaccum like i usually do, but she still not working, only 1 fan out of 2 work on the graphic card, but this should not be a problem since there is a heatsink underit and 1 fan still cooling the gpu.... my mouse light stay on after the computer is off. my keyboard is not lighting up. my dvd writer light flash on the front when i power it,.... i hope those information can give a better idea of the problem i did removed the battery again, still not working
  4. hi, thanks for the welcome, yes i do have removed the battery, still no chance< im running on windows 7 64b, <i had another power sypply i tried to switch it but no chance again all fan work, cpu fan work, gpu fan work, everything seem to woerk, but still no light on my keyboard, and no display, i dont get it.< maybe i knocked the case a bit too strong after replacing the front storage unit i dont kno
  5. SD < i had my computer running good since this morning, i pulled out the front storage thing because i have a big tower a »ARMOR case tower and there is a small storage unit in the front, i remove it to clean it and after i replaced it the computer frozen, i have a logitech keyboard with screen and i can see the cpu and ram usage it was frozen there, mouse was frozen etc, so i restarted the computer but when i restarted it it would give no display, there is a light on my cd reader that keep flashing also. << i cant hear no bip sound ive done good research about and im not a noob about computer <i removed video card, tried to clean it, removed ram, removed everything, even hard drive and power up the tower, all fan power on, even when i put back the graphic card , all fan are working, power suply is brand new, cpu is not that old its a fx8350, i have 12g ram in it and the hard drive is a bit old, and the motherboard also same age of hard drive< so my problem is i have no dispolay, no bip sound, i dont know what to do now, i suspect its a motherboard problem. but i canrt be sure<<< i pulled out the battery also, no chance, still the same. i have a fx8350, 12 g of ram, a r9 270x and the motherboard is a am3+ ultra durable also there is light coming out to my mouse when i power it or even when its shut down light keep on on my mouse but there is no light coming to my keyboard, PLEASE HELP, THANKS
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