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  1. Cajunkid663

    Mr. Todd Theriot

    Hi I was looking at some of the Pc products. I can't figure out what does Pc Optimize do and Pc Exterminate ?
  2. Cajunkid663

    Mr. Todd Theriot

    Hi. I have 2 questions. I purchased Pcmatic a few months ago and love it. But I can't figure out if the auto registry should be on or off on my settings. Also I keep seeing a lot about Pc Evergreen. Is that some kind of upgrade from what I already have ?
  3. Cajunkid663

    Super Shield

    I am not to good on computers. I am trying to complete my profile for the Pc forum. I don't know what it means or how to get the Tech Exsrees Link. Also everytime I run a scan does the Super Shield run with it or Super Shield is a separate scan ? Advice appreciated Sincerely Cajunkid663 .