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    Gateway SX2110G - disable on board video

    Yes, there should be - been in IT 30 years - never saw a BIOS without the enable/disable or select slot/video option. ...Milty
  2. Gatway PC model SX2110G 1.47 ghz AMD E1-1500 APU with Radeon Graphics s/n is DBGE511001321011799100. I purchased a PCI-E x 16 video card - EE061AA HP Quadro NVS 285 Graphics Card - has a heat sink - no fan. I downloaded the latest BIOS for the PC - checked and no setting exists to disable the on-board graphics - the option is grayed out - shows Enabled. I disabled and eventually uninstalled the current video drivers in Device Manager (FYI - PC came with Windows 8 installed - I upgraded to Windows 10). After seating the video card in the PCI slot and boot up I get two beeps and no video on the vga on-board connected monitor. I don't see any jumpers on the motherboard or any other way to disable the on-board video. I assumed once the new video card - I have tried two - was plugged in the on-board video would automatically be disabled - the pc would boot up and either load generic Windows 10 drivers for the new card or I could then install new drivers. As soon as I remove the new video card(s) the system boots and video is displayed on the monitor. Any advice? I can't imagine running Windows 10 is an issue. Thanks, Milty