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  1. I find this background process running intermittently several times throughout the day, eating up bandwidth. I'm not sure where it is from, I can't find anything Googling it. Is this a PC Matic thing and how can I stop it? I never dealt with it before recently.
  2. So, I managed to get it working, but I am not sure what fixed it. I'll explain: I did everything as they asked until step 5. I tried opening PC Matic but I got this symbol as can be seen on this link: https://forums.pcpitstop.com/topic/207054-cannot-open-pc-pitstop-endless-loading-loop/?tab=comments#comment-1813693 So, I just decided to uninstall and have a fresh install. I restarted my computer and booted the program up. I started a scan (note, without unchecking the three problem areas you stated, as I forgot) but everything seems to be running normally. These are the instructions provided: Hopefully this helps someone in the future and thanks to the PCMatic team! God bless!
  3. Thanks, hopefully I'll be able to use this again. I will post the solution for anybody with a future problem similar.
  4. I haven't been able to run a full scan, it always stops at scanning the drivers and throws this notification at me: Ajax error returned: timeout save StabilityTests.asp Not sure what to do, only other thing related to this when Googled is this: Unfortunately, there are no real solutions and the OP did not let us know the solution. Maybe a fresh install would work?
  5. Thank you. It appears all of the threats were removed completely. Thank you and thanks PC Matic. God bless, Blackout
  6. This is probably a stupid question but I want to know every detail. I did a scan and it found 3 red level threats and in the summary said the red dot means 'automatic removal'. I just wish to be completely sure these viruses were completely removed. Thanks.
  7. Thank you! Is there anywhere I can check to find the version number so I can replace the numbers in the link accordingly? Thanks again! God bless Blackout
  8. Due to terrible internet connection, definition updates always fail, so I must do them manually. Can any mods or admins send me the URL link to download the newest version? Thanks.
  9. Thanks, I'll see if I can get any help. I will post a solution if I am able to resolve it.
  10. The thing is I am not able to enter. Instead, I get the above image.
  11. Lately, I've been receiving notifications on my computer that are from Supershield. They state "Updates to potentially vulnerable software are available" with a yellow shield. I am not able to enter PC Matic's PC Pitstop and rather faced a yellow triangle yield sign and endless loading. I am not sure what is happening nor what to do. I will post a picture of what I face when attempting to enter PC Pitstop. God bless, Blackout
  12. Thanks for responding. Well, everything you suggested was already done by itself. Strange. Anyways, after a while the Super Shield icon went yellow and started updating. After I managed to update SS, I was able to access PC Pitstop. Apparently I need Super Shield to be updated in order to access PC Matic! Thank you for your time! God bless
  13. Hello, I recently got Super Shield updated after I had to monkey around with Windows 10 for a bit, now I cannot open the PC Matic Pitstop to run a scan. I click on the icon (which is set to 'Run as Admin' as default) and I get the loop for a few seconds then another small windows pops up with no words on it, just a yellow triangle with a n'!' in the middle. There is a button with 'OK' on it, so i click it and and it loads forever and will not let me access anything. Any help is appreciated. This has happened before and I'm not sure how I fixed it. I believe I updated Super Shield but I already have it updated. Maybe not?
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