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  1. network drivers missing

    I was using an ethernet cable and it was annoying so out of shear frustration I found on another site to delete the network adapter, which under other conditions, I wold have been terrified to do. However, I was already unable to use it. I was planning on buying a usb network adapter, so I did what they suggested. I deleted the network adapter and rebooted and the system found it missing and reinstalled the adapter and the driver and it has worked flawlessly since. Neither Intell or MS thought of this fix. Sorry for the delay in getting back but thought it best to make sure it was really working
  2. network drivers missing

    Intel tried all sorts of things MS reinstalled windows 10 clean install It works and then it quits. Error message is saying that device isn't enabled and that windows does that when device isn't working properly. Someone I know that worked for years with electronic boards said it's rpobably a loose connection. I think down the road I'm just going to buy a usb one. I'm getting bad vibes from this computer. Like HP stopped making it. I love it except fo this.
  3. network drivers missing

    OK, I've tried everything you guys have so graciously suggested, used links etd. Called Intel to try to see if they could help since network adapter is an Intel product. They downloaded all the drivers. First it didn't seem to show up in Device manager and then yesterday it di until it stopped working. Do you think that it's a hardware problem?
  4. network drivers missing

    I got them downloaded from another computer to flash drive and installed on problem computer but still not showing up in device manager. What can I do to get them to work? I do appreciare you help.
  5. network drivers missing

    The HP website says there are no drivers available. Am I missing something? I'm real frustrated with this situation
  6. Been having major problems with my hp envy x360 with keeping internet connection. MS had senior technician reinstall windows, brand new copy they downloaded. Still missing drivers for the network adapter. They tell me to call the manufacturer and I tried HP they send you to website no drivers for windows 10. Do I need to know who manufactured the network adapter? How would I find out? Aprreciate any help. Thank you.