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  1. I couldn't agree more with Tomk...there is no reason to use these dangerous programs. Piriform and Iobit websites are cess pools of useless and unnecessary programs. Most folks have 1 Tb hard drives and use less than 100 gb so why bother and take the risks. ASC is dangerous bloatware. I run WOT (Web of Trust) on every browser as well as Adblock Plus and that keeps out most of the junk. You can delete your temp files all you want, that does nothing to your drive and they only build back anyway and will self empty when built up enough. The word "optimize" is a trap for foolish users....everything you need is within Windows these days and if your pc slows down, look to your surfing habits and you will break your addiction on the dangerous products
  2. Rich-M

    Infinite Alert Hoax/Call this Number Scam

    Yeah but unfortunately I have several sites requiring Java that are very important to me and won't work without it. I only wish I could do so.
  3. Are you aware that the Fall Creator Update will not include earlier Creator Update or Anniversary Update as I have that on good "Insider authority"? In that case you might as well proceed now as you will have to start with Creator Update Media Creator. BTW is Corsair Psu newish because not the greatest Psu, used to be when Seasonic made them but they have gone off on the path of low end makers for those. You do know Corsair makes absolutely nothing themselves right?