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  1. Ronald Patton

    New suggestions

    Hi, My cousin is planning to buy a new laptop. He need the configuration and the new brand details as well. Kindly help with your experienced suggestions. Hopefully he will buy it next month. Thank you
  2. Hi, I have been searching for new computer rack. If someone has used any, kindly share the details. Thank you
  3. Ronald Patton

    Has Linux been sliding down?

    Hi, Once Linux was on the high top involving various applications. And now as there are different software's and technologies I doubt whether Linux has gone down a bit. Is it so? Any idea? Share your views. Thank you.
  4. Ronald Patton

    Rack mount for computers

    Hi, I'm planning to assemble my computer on rack mount. I did searched for it. I would like to have one which fits all my requirements. Can someone suggest me one? Couple of days before, I saw one which provides the various rack mounts. I also found few of the pics. Now, I would like to know whether this: http://www.bayviewmetals.com/sample-work/telecommunications-rack-mount-equipment/is good to be used according to your suggestion. Your expert opinions will help me get the right one. Thanks inadvance
  5. Hi, I have got some problems working with windows 10. I would like to know your suggestions on this. Thank you
  6. Ronald Patton

    How to solve the issues with the chrome?

    Hi, At times it takes lots of time for the chrome to load. Also it gets struck too. Any recovery methods? Thanks in advance
  7. Ronald Patton

    New antivirus?

    Hi, Can anyone suggest a new antivirus? I would like to use one. Thanks