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  1. Terry, I took a look at your log and as you expected there are still components of PC Pitstop remaining on your system. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to duplicate the problem. I would recommend downloading Optimizer again, reboot and then go to the Add/Remove programs and hopefully everything will be Uninstalled correctly. Setup programs are often flakey and even when restart isn't required I always recommend restarting after any install and especially before Uninstalling. Bill
  2. Hi Terry, Thank you for your support of WinPatrol. Sorry to hear you're experiencing any frustration. I've tried to duplicate the problem but haven't been able to. I'm sure there's a good reason and something we can resolve. If you click on the Options tab in WinPatrol there are a number of reports available including a hijack type log. If you could create a report and Email it to support@WinPatrol.com or post it here I'm sure I can help. Bill
  3. Harley, Sorry, I know you're looking for user replies but thought I'd comment once more in case my presence prevents others from responding. I won't make claims to do anything "above and beyond" what your current applications provide for hijacking. If that's all your concerned about you sound pretty well protected. Bill
  4. It can't hurt to try. http://www.winpatrol.com/download.html The standard WinPatrol is free with no time limits or ads. You're welcome to use it as long as you like. If you become a fan you can upgrade to Plus here or at WinPatrol.com. WinPatrol has been around for almost 10 years and I continue to personally support it. Keeping everyone happy has also allowed me to add many improvements over the years. It's become the Swiss army knife of Windows utilities. For those of you who may have tried WinPatrol years ago I invite you to check out all the improvements. Bill
  5. Great tips! What's funny is NetDot is routinely at the top of the list of Unwanted Programs which WinPatrol member request PLUS data on. But I never see NewDot mentioned on other Top Spyware lists. Even the top 25 list here doesn't have an report of NewDot problems. Dave and I talked about it once but couldn't figure out why. This is one I've heard of people formatting their systems to get rid of because they didn't know about LSP-Fix. Bill
  6. WinPatrol has actually detected the Sony Rootkit on a number of machines. Our active tasks list will display it as $SYS$DRMSERVER.EXE. I decided we'd make sure to warn all of our users so they don't have to be PLUS members to get information from our knowledgebase. I heard today that Sony is recalling all CD's that use XCD now that malicious code is being released that takes advantage of the $sys$ hole that they created. Bill
  7. What is really scary is all the companies that claim to be and believe that they are.. and Unfortunately, companies believe they are honorable and legitimate because they think the internet is today's wild west and the misdeeds are acceptable practices. I have had two separate companies contact me offering me a $izable bounty if I would include their installer with the download of my program. They didn't care that my program, WinPatrol was designed to rid the world of these losers. In their twisted world they see all anti-spyware companies as alarmists who trick users into purchasing the program by using false claims of spyware. They view those practices as acceptable and even ingenious. It is sad state of affairs when the companies known for infecting the most computers applaud the passage of a bill designed to help consumers. Bill Pytlovany BillP Studios
  8. Always good to hear. That is our goal. One of the benefits with WinPatrol is Scotty will alert you to brand new programs that haven't been cataloged or investigated by the anti-virus companies. WinPatrol may not always be able to tell you everything about a new program it finds but it will let you know it's appeared, sometimes from no where. Thanks again, Bill
  9. Thank you all for your support and kinds comments. Yes, WinPatrol 8.0 (which is turning out to be a bigger release than planned ) will include support for Mozilla Firefox. While Mozilla certainly has a better cookie manager than IE, WinPatrol 8.0 will display Firefox cookies in an easy to read, resizable window and will allow you to use the same Nuts to automatically remove cookies based on a small portion of text. I'm confident some other changes in WinPatrol 8.0 will turn some heads and please our regular users. Thanks, Bill
  10. In response to your newsletter recommended software I would offer you also download and try WinPatrol if you haven't already. Hopefully, your experience won't sour you on the PC World newsletter because they have frequently recommended WinPatrol but it's an editorial recommendation. We pay no ad dollars to PC World and we're glad they like WinPatrol. Our program won't answer all your questions but it may make you feel better because it will let you see for yourself exactly what is running on your system. The results of your other scan may vary based on the last update of the reference files used by SpyBot and Adaware. My guess is Spybot has a couple more cookies in their listing than your latest Adaware. As far as SpyBlaster 2.0, I'm suspicious of any program finds all sorts of stuff when it scans and then offers to fix your problems only if you pay. Good Luck, Bill Pytlovany
  11. Great news! I guess that's proof that you always need to look at the 1,2 at the bottom of message threads so you can read all the messages. If I had, I would be noticed that your problem was solved. Jacee is great eh? Congrats! Bill
  12. Before you give up and format, please give WinPatrol a try. It's free so you have nothing to lose. Close down all your applications and open up WinPatrol. Click on WinPatrol's Active Tasks tab. This feature is similar to what shows up when you do Ctrl-Alt-Del but in WinPatrol you can hold down the Ctrl key and select multiple Tasks and Kill them all in one step. Kill anything suspicious. This way, the task won't be restarted as a random file by a partner task. Once the tasks aren't running you can remove or disable any AutoStart or IE Add-ons entries. If WinPatrol solves your problem and you're happy let us know here and I'll send you a complementary PLUS code. Bill Pytlovany
  13. As far as being a true "blocker" I would also recommend SpywareBlaster. It's free, unique and works as advertised. Be sure to keep it updated and don't depend on it completely. I generally recommend keeping some other good tools around just in case something new sneaks by and needs to be sniffed out. Bill
  14. Volt, There are no words I can say to help you deal with this tragedy but you'll be in my thoughts today. I can only hope that all our friends look around at their family today and stop to appreciate what we all still have. My best, Bill
  15. I'm a big fan of Canon's ability to use automatic settings to come up with a quality shot. I have both a Canon G1 and G3 and love them. The only bad problem with Canon has been the company who holds their repair contract. I have never had good luck getting repairs. My favorite site for camera reviews has the basics and a large number of comments from other A60 users. http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/specs/Cano...n/canon_a60.asp Bill
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