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    Inaccessible Boot Device-Win10

    I feel your pain. My 2-year old laptop went into 'automatic repair' mode and could not find a restore point even though I know there was one. Had two IT type people try to fix it. Ended up removing the hard drive, copying all data onto a new drive and installing that, reinstalled Windows 10 and all seems to be good now. The same day this happened, my 4-year old laptop also experienced the same error message "Inaccessible Boot Device". I was able to use a restore point and all was good until I rebooted and had to use the restore point again. After a few days of this, I copied all data to an external drive, did a fresh Windows 10 install and that did the trick. me off that I've spent $300 and about 30 hours of my time fixing an issue caused by bad updates. For the record, this all happened around the same time frame mentioned in the original post.
  2. Yes! Thank you so much IntelGuy - I knew there had to be a way and you nailed it
  3. Thanks Y for the info about Edge. Holding the Ctrl key didn't work - I get a message that "ad blocking software has been detected. Please disable to continue viewing." I've been disabling it using Tools/Ad-ons/Disable but that disables all of PC Matic. It would be helpful to be able to disable only the ad block function. cheers, Sooz
  4. Acer Laptop, Windows 10, PC Matic Ad Block, Firefox and Edge Some programs will not stream with ad blocking software running. Is there a way to temporily disable the new ad block function or have it remember to turn it off for specific sites? In Firefox I've been disabling it to watch a show and twice have forgotten to enable it, leaving my laptop vulnerable. Also, was told Ad Block would automatically be enabled on Edge but it's not and can't see anywhere to turn it on. thanks, Sooz