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  1. It's been a week, but have finally got that 6 year old machine back. My first benchmarks showed it in the bottom 30%. I had no problem loading PCMatic, but when it tried to make fixes after a scan, the computer would not boot at all. I also noticed that the computer was getting extremely hot. All I could do was let it cool down, then restore to the point before PCMatic tried to make changes. Trying another repair would put the computer in the same non-usable state. I then restored back again, and uninstalled all the JAVA JREs that were on the machine; it seemed like PCMatic was grinding to a halt trying to update them. Restarted, then let PCMatic do it's thing. Now this 6 year old computer (running with an SSD) is in the top 30%. This laptop now has a $12 Belkin laptop fan running underneath it and it seems to be pretty happy. Sad that this 6 year old computer is more responsive than the 2 year old computer I have to use at work! Now to take on the other teenager's computer. Which makes this one look like a cake walk...
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    I've been using computers for many years. Commodore Pet and Sinclair in 70s, Apple in the 80s, PCs from 90s on. I've recognized the problems with antivirus/malware programs in that I've had many of them let nasty stuff through with both free and expensive products. My latest machine, a Dell XPS 12 at just two years old has been running a little slower lately and all three browsers (IE, FF, Chrome) have been sluggish at best. I wasn't up for another round of manually removing the malware that had certainly made it past a totally up to date Windows Defender. And I wasn't quite sure that I wanted to try PC Matic. I really hated their earlier commercials, and some of the later ones with Randy White weren't helping either. I did some research. Found a few forums run by total nerds that claim PC Matic is a scam. Read Amazon reviews where almost every negative review was followed up by PC Matic support person. Hell, $50 for five machines with a 30 day MBG with the promise of less time dealing with issues and more time using my computer for what I bought it for sounded like a pretty good deal. Especially when you have a rig that cold boots to Windows 8.1 in about 7 seconds and then takes about 30 seconds to load a web page. Must say that I am thoroughly impressed so far. Three viruses were found that Defender was totally oblivious to. Web pages are snapping along very quickly at speeds that I'd long forgotten were available. If my machine stays clean over the next year, I'll be happy with $50 well spent. Tomorrow comes the acid test. A teenager's computer that is running so poorly that it takes about 20 minutes to cold boot. I've been tempted to take that machine out back and shoot it; nothing should have to suffer like that. I'm so worried about even using this particular computer that I only type on its keyboard with a condom on each finger so I don't spread anything to my other computers. That computer is running AVG which I'm sure has been reduced to something like Newt in the Aliens movie scurrying around hidden parts in the computer to avoid the alien virus infection. If PC Matic brings that box back to life, I want to buy stock!
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