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  2. Will your software get rid of this ransomware, Do you have a phone number so I can talk with someone. John 770-335-0358
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  4. My Cd Rom drive ate my Papyrus racing and thought i'd try here if anyone knows of a site where I could download with no BS.I gave up because all of the sites are fu____g stupid! Appreciate, Dave
  5. wanted to give a new update i bought a new motherboard Asus rog hero 7 x470 board and well still same problem so far i have bought a new motherboard,ram,hard drives... really dont wanna buy a new CPU
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  7. So I just formatted all my hard drives and started from scratch again so reinstalled windows and also redownload steam and a few games (also downloaded uplay and assassins creed odyssey) and so far NO steam games will work now, they crash right when the splash screen starts or just sit with a black window (no error codes) and steam will freeze and will close and wont start back up until I reboot computer. Now the uplay store works just fine and I booted assassins creedy odyssey and that booted great as well (it was fine before all this as well).I'm at a loss at this point since this is fresh new install and new install of steam and games with new ram (nothing is overclocked this is default settings). I plan on buying a new mobo today to test that out. But it's weird since it's only steam related stuff that is not working.
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  9. Personally, I'm not a fan of MSI and my inclination is that the mobo is the culprit considering your statement about the ram slot switching to correct boot issues.
  10. Thanks nigsy! It's been a long time since I've been able to log into my account!
  11. hey long time since i been here (for some reason i cant log into my old account icebear/lusafis wish i could find a way to get back on !) anyway my problem i am having is a weird one and here comes the wall of text So some games like Monster hunter world take over 15mins to startup (i counted) and a few other games take about 5 mins or wont even boot at all (but other games work just fine) so after a few tries i i found that by changing the timings of my RAM or just moving them to different slots from each other will fix the issue until i restart my pc again. i have tried default ram settings and it will work fine until i reboot. Overclocking is the same way as well, so i reinstalled windows and also tried different hard drives (uninstalling and reinstalling said games and moving to different hard drives and still no go. Now i went and bought a brand new set of RAM and it STILL does the same thing. i also noticed that if steam does not auto boot and when i try to click it and does not load it will take 5 mins to finally start and than run really slow and even crash and this is when i know i need to reboot and mess with the timings again for my ram ( i have tried reinstalled steam and also to different hard drive and also with the clean install of windows) My specs are Ryzen 1700x MSI x370 gaming pro carbon 32GB of Corsair Vengeance LED DDR4 3000mhz (my new set is Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 3000mhz) Evga 1080Ti Windows is installed on its own SSD and i have 2 raid 0 spin drives for games and a samsung evo 960 nvme ssd for my main games i play.
  12. Hi Would Running system file Checker help sfc /scannow , note space between c an / , may Help , worth a try ok .. Philip..
  13. autocheck autochk *  is the correct value. If the dirty bit was the only problem, you can turn it off per microsofts instructions: https://support.microsoft.com/fi-fi/help/160963/chkntfs-exe-what-you-can-use-it-for Erasing of restore points is actually fairly easy. All you have to do is shut system restore off and they will all be gone when you turn it back on. Perhaps something in the process you went through did that. You might try downloading and running Windows Repair All-in-one. It isn't a repair install, but it will correct some of the important registry entries in windows.
  14. Ah work was getting the best of me for awhile and life in general. I think everyone knows how that goes. I only learned of CB passing maybe a couple weeks ago when I checked in and I became very inspired to fold again. It's good to see so many familiar people still around the Pitstop after all these years.
  15. I'm just guessing TBH about registry; but you may have changed something by booting to W10 from the USB - It doesn't have a live CD version like Linux does so somewhere it's installed something as you've stated you booted to the W10 desktop. Have a look if you have a "Windows.old" folder on your C drive: C:\Windows.old\Users\your_name If you have then I think you may somehow inadvertently installed W10 as an inplace upgrade.
  16. A full format and install of Windows 7 is what I'm trying to avoid, if possible. How would I know of any altered registry settings, please? And why did Windows 10 delete the existing restore points, is a question I'd really like to know, as I can't imagine any circumstances when that 'feature' (which I did NOT tell the Windows 10 installation to do) would be useful.
  17. Clean install of W7? I'm wondering if some registry entries have been altered?
  18. Apparently I've forgotten how to read english. That makes no sense to me. What are you trying to say?
  19. Holy cow Tek, where you been hiding?!
  20. There is difference in Android Kitkat and Android Pie if you wants to save hundreds of dollars except the feature of Google Duplex that is about to launch in coming months.
  21. Reminds me of several other failed games based on the Serbia country. There are not enough players to play the games on this kind of topics.
  22. I would recommend Lord of The Rings Online which is a free to play Mass Online Game.
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