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    as a tech savy person I always recommended or used google chrome the best best browser imo user friendly and simple user interface anyway that's my experience with it ...
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  5. Hello @GINGER CHALMERS and Please open a trouble ticket at our help desk so we can get some more info from. You can open a ticket at https://www.pcmatic.com/support/ Tx
  6. My virus is "transitmapsdirections" how can I get rid of it with pc matic? thx!:)
  7. Hello @EZRA and Thank you for contacting PC Matic Customer Service. This ticket help desk is our source of contact and support. We extend our sincere apologies that we are not able to accommodate the demands of a large-scale phone support system without outsourcing to a provider, a move which PC Pitstop's does not believe would benefit our customers. The PC Pitstop support staff are experts at solving any issue that you may encounter in the usage of our products. How may we be of assistance? Tx
  8. I was so eager to buy a subscription for PC Matic, but now I will NOT even consider doing so. It is nearly impossible to call in to this company to get some basic information. Don't know how anyone could do business with a company that has NO Telephone Support. Sorry, PC Matic - I wanted to support your company, but alas can not do so.
  9. Hi @ertooso and Hope you're enjoying the forums! Tx
  10. yeah i'm going to be building a few for the kids and the grandkids ,,, i havent been in it for a long time so its cool to see the advancements in tech
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  12. Please open your web browser, then copy and paste the links below, one at a time, into the address bar, then hit the Enter key: defs.pcpitstop.com/ defs.pcpitstop.com/´╗┐
  13. Windows updates are really making a mess of things. Yes, I would recommend uninstalling Super Shield and then PC Matic (in that order)
  14. Automation using artificial intelligence (AI): adding AI to the integration software managemart allows the computer to make decisions at the human intelligence level. The system will make decisions about what to do with the data, based on the analysis. Such systems can reduce forecasting errors in the supply chain, logistics, and resource planning.
  15. Looks like you've hopped right back in the saddle. Glad to see man and nice setup!
  16. i was reading up on it prior and pretty much was spot on i only saw an increase when setting the SSD benchmarks set to larger files for testing other than that standard testing was just a marginal increase i7 9700k @ 5hz EZ tune @ 5.0 so many adjustments available
  17. Hope you had a good one (sorry it's a day late!)
  18. Correct, you're not going to see much, if any improvement by running them in raid.
  19. dude AMD is killin it right now and i have nothing against AMD at all and have had many AMD systems in the past way back with the fx65 ( i think it was called ) but i'm tied in with intel right now i didn't do enough research before jumping back in to the game but even still these systems are amazingly fast ... i think the most notable would be SSD drives and even more so are these NVME m.2 drives ,, the Samsung 970 evo + i'm just blown away ,,, although when i had 3 of them in raid 0 i saw no noticeable improvement in speed or bench tests .. edit : if i start over again i may also look into x299 chipsets upgraded Ram to 3200mhz Corsair Vengeance stock CPU clock
  20. Have you looked at or considered AMD, especially the new 3 series Ryzen?
  21. going to set up a pc for my daughter so shes getting the msi board and the i5 9600k, i just picked up the Gigabyte aros 390 pro or whatever and popped in a i7 9700k running it with corsair AIO H115i RGB 280mm rad shes also getting the DDR4 vengeance Ram 2400 and i'll give 1 of the M.2 drives .. my 3200 will be in tomorow,, but in the mean time i'm liking this chip i wanted the i9 9900k but no one local had it in stock so this will do https://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=26063712&report=Summary
  22. https://thebreastcancersite.greatergood.com/clicktogive/bcs/home
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