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  2. You can do video chat and games on a Chromebook. Games would be browser based or you also have the ability to install and use Android apps on them as well. They have many "benefits" such as no malware(but there are questionable browser add-ons in the Chrome Web Store), your data is encrypted and secure off of the computer, they boot VERY quickly, have great battery life, etc. I have and use both and they both have their pros v cons. There are pricey Chromebooks, but those are the "premium", not the mainstream. Like you, I've had great luck with Acer products, but at the end of the day, you'll have to decide what's best for your monies. Tx
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  4. One of the things I have noticed in Chromebooks, notebooks and laptops now is that none have CD players anymore. I can only think of one time I have used one on my present laptop so I guess virtually everything can now be downloaded or use plugin flash drives.
  5. Been online looking at info on Chromebooks. The prices are all over the place - from a little over $100.00 to $999.00 which is way over the Acer laptop. In my post above I pointed out what he does at present - it seems that with a full laptop it opens up a lot more that could be done. So much info. Take care - jim
  6. Tks for the reply - at present he spends a lot of time either playing a video game or watching others play one. (That I don't understand but, hey, what do I know. He also video chats with some people. I have been using computers since we used a soldering iron to build them but still don't consider myself an expert by any means - was a lot closer to being one many years ago. And these new notepads, Chromebooks, etc are something I know nothing about. At present, he has a "tablet" of some kind - as I understand it, that is basically a cellphone with a larger screen. Is there something between a Chromebook type and a full laptop? I am up looking at the Chromebook now - it seems it will do most of what a laptop does but I assume without all the power of a good laptop. Again, tks for the info - jim
  7. Hey Joe and We're not seeing the email address you use for your forum account as one used for a paid product. Did you use a different email address for your product subscription? Tx
  8. That's a heckuva laptop Jim and very kind of you to consider it for him. Do you know what his main uses would be? if he's going to be on the internet 99% of the time and only using a web browser(no CAD/Rendering, etc) a Chromebook is a whole lot cheaper and will do the vast majority of what folk use a pc for anymore today. Look at it like this, if he's not going to do anything different than he'd do on a mobile device, just have a bigger screen for it, Chromebook is the way to go(IMO). Tx
  9. cant remember my login or password and am a lifetime member please help
  10. TomK_ the computer is a ProStar from about 2002. ProStar built laptops for the military at the time and this one weights a ton but one can drop it from a rooftop and it will keep on ticking. I don't think it has a modem in it so that is the problem. And, yes, the ATT stick I was using was a cellular device. I am just going to ditch the idea of trying to use this old laptop. My present laptop is a very high end Acer laptop - at least it was about 2 yrs ago when I bought it. I have had several Acer's over the years and all have been outstanding without a single problem. I would like to get my 23 yr old grandson, who has ADHD and a couple of other problems, a new laptop. With all his problems he is very smart and computer illiterate. I am thinking maybe this one - https://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboDealDetails?ItemList=Combo.3909370. What do you think? And tks for the input - jim
  11. Hi; Not 100% sure what you are trying to do but if I'm guessing correctly you want to keep the partition with 'Time Machine Backups' and then reformat the empty space for windows? If that's the case it should be pretty straight forward as you can just reformat the free space to what ever you like (Providing the time machine backup is on it's own partition). If not then save the backup image somewhere else and create 2 partitions on the drive...1 for your windows backup and another to reload the time machine backup into. Use Gparted to do this. Or Acronis software might let you partition the drive without copying out the Time machine data first (i'd still keep a second image up just incase)
  12. I have a [for Mac 10.7 Lion] ext HDD that has usb esata firewire interface slots... this before 6-mos I was using it for Time Machine backups.... Now I do Not wanted delete this partition and wanted use it for Windows PC backup [i have sold this old mac] - the free/empty space on this.... Is any way use the empty space as NTFS or FAT32 or exFAT partition.... ? Also The File system on disk must be Mac because only used for Time Machine backups ...
  13. This isn't a problem but it's something I'm wondering about. I got some Sennheiser HD 4.40 Bluetooth headphones that I like a lot, and it has the usual recorded voices that say "on" and "off" when you turn it on or off and "connected" or "disconnected" when the Bluetooth is connected or disconnected. The recorded voices are female, but the strange thing is that the voice saying on or off sounds Chinese, with a thick accent, sounding like "powa off" or "powa on", but the voice that says connected or disconnected is another female and sounds English, sounding a lot like Hermione in the Harry Potter movies. It's no big deal, but I'm just curious why one sounds Chinese and the other one sounds English. Anybody know? It's really strange to me.
  14. Hey Hammer and Sorry you're having difficulty with PC Magnum, if you please, open a ticket with our support desk at https://www.pcmatic.com/support/ so we can see what's goin on. Tx
  15. So, I can launch PC Magnum but I can't login, nor access, "My PCs", the User Guides, nor do the Free Scan. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the program but I get the same result. My PC Matic works good though.
  16. Last week
  17. Hello yonkersjon and It's never advised to defrag an SSD. PCMatic detects drive types and will only defrag regular hard drives. If your E: drive is not and SSD and we're not defragging it as expected, please open a trouble ticket so we can get some more info from you. You can open one at https://www.pcmatic.com/support/ Tx
  18. I have repeatedly run PC Matics fragmentation but files on drive C do not appear to defrag. What am i missing? My PC has 2 solid state drives (C and D) and a hard drive E.
  19. Hey jeb, your double-posted thread was locked for a reason. When each of us signed up here at the PCPitstop forums, we had to agree to the Guidelines that govern how we're to use and participate on the forums. Number 3 of the guidelines states " 3) Do not post the same topic in more than one forum. Pick the most relevant forum for your post. If you are unsure, put it in the General Discussions forum, say you were not sure where it belonged, and someone will move it to the proper forum for you." That being said, it's likely that the wireless adapter has failed, but as it were, you were given good info that we've seen no action or response from you in its regards. I'm going to lock this thread and as well, please adhere to the guidelines which I've linked above. Tx
  20. He said it was because I had posted in other place. The reason I did so was because I did not receive any replies to the other one. My thread was as follows - "I have tried everything I can think of but my old laptop running XP does not find my wireless router - or any of the others that show up when I do the same with Win 10. The last time I used this laptop I used one of the ATT flash drive like things that plugged into the laptop. Any suggestions?" As mentioned, I have gone through everything possible to solve the problem but nothing get the computer to recognize my or other internet connections around me as does my Win 10 computer. They just don't show up as they do on my Win 10. Unless someone has suggestions I now ask this - if I install a later Win - 10 or something else - will this solve my problem? And if so, considering cost, etc., what Win would you suggest? Although the laptop is old it still works fine - except for the wireless internet problem.
  21. Hey modelmeister and You can right click on the Super Shield icon in the system tray and select either Pause for 10 Minutes or Pause for 1 Hour. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to send em over to our support crew at https://www.pcmatic.com/support/ Thanks for giving us the opportunity to serve you! Tx
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