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  2. Holy cow Tek, where you been hiding?!
  3. There is difference in Android Kitkat and Android Pie if you wants to save hundreds of dollars except the feature of Google Duplex that is about to launch in coming months.
  4. Reminds me of several other failed games based on the Serbia country. There are not enough players to play the games on this kind of topics.
  5. I would recommend Lord of The Rings Online which is a free to play Mass Online Game.
  6. Yeah, people have been liking Multiplayer mod of Call of Duty and also make sure to check out COD Emblems
  7. I would prefer to play CDO Ghost in multiplayer with Xbox Live Gold Subscription - Xbox Live Gold
  8. I will rather buy 1 or 2 games to record gameplay sesions and upload them to Youtube.
  9. Miss ya CB..... here to honor and pick up your slack.....😀.....God bless.
  10. I have a desktop PC running Windows 7, and no other OS, and it was working fine. And since I was going to go down to a friend's house to fix his non-booting Windows 10 PC, I copied Windows 10 from disc to a USB stick (via Rufus, a bootable USB stick creator program), and to test the Windows 10 USB stick was working, I booted up my Windows 7 desktop via the USB stick, got to the Windows 10 menu, and turned off the Windows 7 desktop. I did this because I thought that the Windows 10 installation USB wouldn't actually change anything on the PC until I told it to (which I wasn't going to do, of course, I just wanted to test that the USB stick booted). Anyway, the Windows 7 PC still works fine, i.e. online works, no viruses or malware, every program I've tried works, but whenever I boot it up, the Windows 7 PC ALWAYS runs CHKDSK at boot, then it tells me that CHKDSK can't check the C: drive, and tells me it's because of some previously installed software, and that I should use the system restore to go back to before the software was installed. You'd think it would tell me what software is actually causing the problem, just like you'd expect the Windows 10 disk to have NOT altered the contents on the hard drive, given that I did not tell it to do anything at all, but not. Oh, and all of my restore points have been removed. Googling the problem shows that it's not exactly uncommon, but mostly it's people who dual boot both Windows 7 and Windows 10, and the working solution there is to apparently turn off fast boot in Windows 10, but since I don't have Windows 10 on this desktop (and really really don't want it), then that's not an option for me. I can create new System Restore points (but of course there are none from before I booted the Windows 10 USB stick), but I can't stop CHKDSK from trying to run at boot up, and MUCH more importantly, I can't get CHKDSK to successfully scan the C: drive even when I deliberately tell it to in Windows, then of course it schedules CHKDSK for the next reboot, but on reboot CHKDSK just gives the same error as when it always tries on bootup without my telling it to. Using: fsutil dirty query c: says "Volume - C: is dirty" And via REGEDIT, at: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager Then 'BootExecute' contains: autocheck autochk * Any ideas, please?
  11. Last week
  12. Hello Patricia and Apologies for the trouble you're experiencing with PC Matic. If you'll open a trouble ticket with our help desk, we can get some more info from you to get this resolved as expediently as possible. You can open a trouble ticket at https://www.pcmatic.com/support/ Tx
  13. I am getting an error code when I do a PC Matic scan. The eror code is: The program or feature"\??\C:\ Program Files (x86) \PCPitstop\PCMatic\Non RotatingMedia.exe" cannot start or run due to incompatibility with 64-bit versions of Windows. Please contact the software vendor to ask if a 64 bit Windows compatible version is available.
  14. Happy birthday..hope you have a good one.
  15. Hey Mark and You'll need the email address and password he used when he created an account with us. Thanks for yours and your father's interest in our software. Should you encounter any issues, the most expedient route to resolution is via https://www.pcmatic.com/support/ Tx
  16. I didn'y get an ICon to sign in. How do I know PC Matic is working?
  17. Yep got it same day prime shipping monday and after couple headaches with true image not wanting to clone from hdd to ssd because of the size 1tb to 512gb even tho i ony had 170gbs on it and a couple of windows 10 headaches with the 1903 build.. I finally got it to take a image from April 8th i had backup. And yep system is back to its snappyness and fast boot ups lol Swear tho this k7 motherboard must not like hard drives as a boot drive cause it took 3 too 7minutes to get loaded to the desktop and while doing it after the login screen it stayed on a black screen loading lol.. No issues like that with the ssd. gets reads and writes in the 500s as it should:)
  18. So my dad bought PC matic and sent me a extra licence key he bought, and so I installed the program and made an account using that key. I ran a scan on my computer, and after it's done it shows me the page of all the identified problems, but when I hit NEXT, it brings me to a purchase page. The licence key doesn't expire until July 26th of this year so I know it's not b/c the key is bad. It says the payment of 50$ has been processed for it, so why is PC Matic think I don't have an active key? If someone could please help me with this I'd be very grateful. This is the page that pops up when I hit NEXT
  19. tried firewall turning off and still get message!
  20. I am getting this ajax error message now, how can I stop that message??? the whole message reads Ajax error returned error save app tests.asp
  21. Tx Redneck


    hey rmeyer and I'm gonna send ya a PM with relevant info. Tx
  22. rmeyer116


    I just downloaded the BETA for MAC OS and it installed fine. When I click on the PCMATIC Icon, it lists several lines of files... How do I run the program? I clicked on a couple of the files that were listed as PCMATIC and nothing happens... Not sure what I am to do?
  23. Yep, If you can post what worked you might help someone else with the same issue. Good see you got it fixed
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