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  2. I have a Dell desktop with Windows 10, version 1709 and it crashed a few days ago. I did a successful Windows repair with keeping personal info but many products were removed. PC Matic along with my full Office Enterprise 2007. Anyone know how to recover these items? They were licensed.
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  4. Microsoft Office PowerPoint

    To resolve the above error message, follow the below mentioned steps: 1. Click File, then choose Save As. 2. Save the PowerPoint file at a new destination with the same or a new name. More helpful advices how to fix PowerPoint erros can be found HERE
  5. Mint 18.3 cinnamon help

    I was able to get it. Hold shift didn't work for me. just had to tap it at the right time. Booted to recovery and was able to launch terminal from there and reinstalled intel driver. Back up and working. It appears that flash player is causing my screen to go black for a few seconds.
  6. Mint 18.3 cinnamon help

    I installed mint tweaked it up and was having video problems. So i tried removing the intel driver and give the modesetting driver a try. sudo apt-get remove xserver-xorg-video-intel It failed now the PC will only boot to a black screen with a white blinking cursor and do nothing. I have a mint disc made. how can i boot from the disk and reinstall the intel driver. Or do i just have to start over? sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-intel
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  9. Inaccessible Boot Device-Win10

    I'm stuck here, it perpetually fails to boot after being on for an undetermined amount of time and in trying to recover to a bootable state, I've now managed to hose the image I've thus far been able to recover with. I'm at a total loss...
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  11. Cannot Open PC Pitstop; Endless Loading Loop

    Thanks for responding. Well, everything you suggested was already done by itself. Strange. Anyways, after a while the Super Shield icon went yellow and started updating. After I managed to update SS, I was able to access PC Pitstop. Apparently I need Super Shield to be updated in order to access PC Matic! Thank you for your time! God bless
  12. Hey Blackout, Let's give this exercise a try to help push your signal up to the servers. Please Press the Windows Key + R then type: services.msc Click OK Scroll down to PC Pitstop Scheduling and double click it If Service is running, then stop it Up at the top of the window, click the Log On tab Change log in to Local System Account DO NOT put a check next to: Allow service to interact with desktop. Click Apply Double click the PC Pitstop Scheduling again Start the Service Apply & Ok Try the PC Matic program once again. Y
  13. Hello, I recently got Super Shield updated after I had to monkey around with Windows 10 for a bit, now I cannot open the PC Matic Pitstop to run a scan. I click on the icon (which is set to 'Run as Admin' as default) and I get the loop for a few seconds then another small windows pops up with no words on it, just a yellow triangle with a n'!' in the middle. There is a button with 'OK' on it, so i click it and and it loads forever and will not let me access anything. Any help is appreciated. This has happened before and I'm not sure how I fixed it. I believe I updated Super Shield but I already have it updated. Maybe not?
  14. Inaccessible Boot Device-Win10

    Tex, check to see if KB4056892 Windows update is trying to install and is looping. If you are running Super Shield or any other AV when trying to install this update, then temporarily disable the AV. Typically doing so in services through services.msc is the most efficient way to stop the service and change it's start up behavior from "Automatic" to "Disabled", so when the rig restarts to install the update, the AV will not be running at all. We're seeing a lot of these and some of them are not running any AV program at all, yet the update still corrupts the boot sector when the computer is restarted. M$ really should just pull this update out and get it's bugs fixed. Y
  15. Have any of you been having trouble w/this on Win10 environments? My old pc failed on Christmas Eve, so I built new, everything, but at least 2 dozen times now, it's had a critical failure like this. The first symptom I've noticed is explorer will stop seeing any drive that wasn't connected at the last boot, ie: if you try connecting a usb drive, it will never be recognized. From there, if you reboot, the pc will act like the drive isn't there, despite being seen in the bios/uefi. The only "remedy" I've found is once you've a working install is to make an image and when it does fail again, copy the image back to the boot drive after having windows reinstalled long enough to install the disk imaging program and run it. This is the most infuriating thing I've encountered and none of the remedies I've read about have worked. The hardware config is here.
  16. updates

    No ma'am, not that I'm seeing anywhere. Sorry about that and you're welcome. Fwiw, Google has all but said they're discontinuing Android tablets as they've historically done poorly, especially compared to iPads. That said, their Chromebook/Chromebox devices are rather nice, have a touch interface(Chromebook) like a tablet and most of the newer ones(2016 and up) run Android apps and have full access to the Google Play store. If I were recommending an inexpensive, tablet like device, it would be one based on ChromeOS. Hope that helps, Tx
  17. updates

    So no way of updating then thankyou for all your help
  18. Will not open and no SuperShield

    Hello and John, Please contact our helpdesk so they can help you get this resolved. You may also leave a link in your description to this post. Moved to paid products sub-forum. Tx
  19. Why am I phishing?

    Hellor and Todd, To my knowledge, there's nothing about our software that would cause this. It sounds like the recipient's host has labeled an IP block as a spam source.
  20. I have installed new SSD hard drive , new Windows 10 Pro, PCMatic, Malwarebytes. Run a few scans. Now won't open. Don't have SuperShield. What to do?
  21. Infinite Alert Hoax/Call this Number Scam

    https://forums.pcpitstop.com/topic/207048-potential-fraud-verify-cs-phone/ edit: phone # from link above claiming to be PC Matic > 888-813-3598
  22. Potential Fraud? Verify CS Phone #?

    No! There is no phone number to call. This is scareware. If you need help with PC Matic you can open a ticket at our help desk here > Help Desk
  23. Why am I phishing?

    Something new has happened, and not sure if it is related to using this software or not. I am a PCMatic user. Suddenly my work e-mails are getting bounced by servers and being labeled as a phishing source. Is it possible that the software is stripping some source data from my e-mails and thus looking like a phisher? We haven't been able to figure this one out, and I have IT departments at three customer's companies trying to get me answers. Ideas?
  24. I called PC Matic customer service at 888-813-3598 in order to clarify a computer problem I was having this morning I was quoted an amount in order to fix the problem remotely and asked for my credit card is this phone number correct & is this service legitimately offered by PC Matuc? Thank You!
  25. Update Failed

    Sounds like it's goin to sleep or similar. Look over this and see if it addresses the other issue you metinon. https://www.howtogeek.com/240840/should-you-use-the-balanced-power-saver-or-high-performance-power-plan-on-windows/
  26. Update Failed

    Thank you so much for the help. I did the download and I was able to hide it on the list of Updates, but about a half hour later that same Update tried to install again (Auto) and came up Failed. I just can't figure why this computer keeps shutting down when I have set for Never.. Maybe should have stuck with Windows 8.1.
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