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  3. Humbluemoon

    Friday Night Video's

    Happy Birthday to all the pitsters I,ve missed lately....out of town on business a lot lately.
  4. nigsy

    Happy Birthday KurtBleach!

    Happy birthday mate. Hope you had a good one.
  5. Follow TXs suggestion and back up the VM so you have a clean copy. You can then play with the old version and see what works. The software he has linked to will allow you to move partitions; so move the recovery partition to the end and then extend the c drive into the free space. Or try deleting the recovery partition in the VM. You'll always have a clean VM to go back to if you bork it!!
  6. If I can not delete partition to extent C:/ partition... so the only option is to have two drives C:/ E:/ can install Photoshop [3-5GB] in drive E:/... in the VM... and Not in C:/ /Program files / ... ? I have to choose install directory the E:/Program Files/ during install procedure... ?
  7. Haven't seen you around for a while, but happy birthday...
  8. Tx Redneck

    PCPitstop Malicious Site

    Hey etopor and Thanks for letting us know about this. In the meantime, here are the Q3 report https://techtalk.pcpitstop.com/q3-2018-newsletter/ a well as the Dec newsletter. https://techtalk.pcpitstop.com/latest-newsletter/ Thanks for your patience as we get this resolved! Tx
  9. etopor

    PCPitstop Malicious Site

    I received this message when I tried to open items in the December 2018 Newsletter.
  10. Tx Redneck

    e-mail hack

    Hey JonJacobs and It sounds as if your password may have been reused for multiple logins and has been compromised at some point. I'd recommend using a password manager, like Last Pass, and using it to generate complex passwords for the different sites you frequent, especially ones that could cause you monetary loss if compromised. Next, utilize 2 factor authentication on any site that offers or supports it(amazon and apple both do). This way you have another layer of security on logins should your password get compromised again. You can go to https://haveibeenpwned.com/ and see if any of your info has been obtained in a site breach. If so, please use a password manager to create secure passwords henceforth. Tx
  11. JonJacobs

    e-mail hack

    I have been experiencing account password changes on Amazon and Apple that I did not authorize. One time the hacker changed the e-mail address associated with my Amazon account to something that ends in .ru, so I figure the hacker is based in Russia. I have started keeping my computer access very brief, with the computer turned off most of the time (a tower machine, not a laptop, so no battery power). Early-early this morning the hacker submitted a password change on the Apple account and confirmed it on my e-mail, even through my computer was physically turned off. Staring early next week I plan to change out my hard drive to SSD while upgrading my OS version. Then, when I get my computer back, I plan to sign up for PC Matic. I was wondering if PC Matic will help protect me from this hacker, or others like him/her.
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  13. Tx Redneck

    Supershield blocks Microsoft Edge

    Hey donh112118 and At this point, support can look into logs from your machine and see what's going on in your instance, but it's my recommendation that you'd look into a new browser as Microsoft has announced that they're abandoning Edge and creating their own Chromium based browser. If you'll open a trouble ticket at https://www.pcmatic.com/support/ we can get logs from you. https://www.theverge.com/2018/12/4/18125238/microsoft-chrome-browser-windows-10-edge-chromium
  14. donh112118

    Supershield blocks Microsoft Edge

    Is there any progress on this problem ?
  15. In a word...NO! But I guess you have all the missing dlls now so in theory you could keep plugging away copy and pasting the missing files until it works / if it ever works.
  16. I have a Nitro 5 (AN515-53-52FA-US Model)and do Twitch streaming by myself and I use Mpow 071 USB/3.5mm headset which works fine so far. I can hear the game playing and the video can record what I say on the mic. I want to include another person and want to figure out best option on adding another headset. I want a set up where each person can hear what the other person is saying trough the headset while still be able to listen to the game that is playing. I tried this before but the outcome was not as desired. For example - on my headset I can hear myself and the whatever application is running, but the other headset can only hear me (my mic) and not the application is running. I can not hear the other head sets mic. I messed around with setting and was able to get both headsets able to hear each other's mic but not the application running. Both headsets are connected trough USBI normally use OBS but have used Wirecast before. Any suggestions?
  17. I finally got itunes working. I did a fresh windows installation on another hard drive, and installed c++, then installed itunes. So, now that it's working, can I export the registry, and copy it over to the other hard drive?
  18. I use the same drive imaging program, but it appears you're not doing a disk image and thus it won't boot. You're restoring from a backup. If you have a drive that boots and is setup like you want/need, boot from it, load Acronis and select Clone Disk from this screen. This is how you migrate from drive to drive and maintain the bootable state.
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