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  3. Tx Redneck

    Password Vault

    I would disagree with the old assertion about storing pwords in teh browser, at least in Chrome. It affords you the ability to encrypt all your synced data, including the passwords via a passphrase. As well, Chrome now will generate random pwords for new accounts/logins. This is just my $.02 though. Tx
  4. Humbluemoon

    Password Vault

    Apparently it will not.
  5. Y kawika

    WOW!!! 70 new users

    Cool! Welcome aboard! Y
  6. Humbluemoon

    WOW!!! 70 new users

    Not sure what happened but we have 70 new users on the team. Way to go folks!!! Fold on!
  7. Y kawika

    It's time to renew my PCMatic

    Hi pinhead! Please open a ticket at our help desk so that we can get some more information, as the e-mail that you registered with here at the forums doesn't register with PC Matic. You can open a ticket from here: PC Matic Help Desk Just let them know your registered e-mail address with PC Matic, or your license key and they'll be able to get you the info that you are after. To reveal this information, just open PC Matic and the ifo will be top center of the user interface of PC Matic. Thanks Y
  8. October is my renewal month , due around the 17th, I can't remember but think I set it up for automatic renewal but since it hasn't shown up in my account yet am wondering about it. thanks for any info you can give me regarding how payment is done now. I've had this subscription for over 5 yrs now really like it and want to keep it paid up to date.
  9. Yesterday
  10. if i'm understanding you correctly you tried cloning the drive while using the os on the drive you wanted to clone? this you can not do. you need to boot to acronis, so the os drive is not being used, and then clone the os drive to the ssd. this is what you do need to try for it to work.
  11. Last week
  12. I tried Acronis TI 2018 cloning live in Win 10 Pro... by this meaning run Win 10 Pro / Acronis TI 2018... and clone OS itself ... This i tried. I exchanged disks but Not booted... what happened the cloning does not completed OK... ? The other way is cloning by booting on Acronis Media TI 2018... and clone the OS win 10 Pro withOut boot from it ... this Not tried.
  13. Thomr74

    Other anti-spyware

    Thanks TX Redneck! What about anything in Windows 7? I'm pretty much a computer illiterate, so I'm not sure about Windows Defender or whatever. Thomr74
  14. In Acronis, select Clone Disk, Automatic, Select the source disk(old one), select the destination disk(new one/ssd). it'll warn that if the new one has partitions or info, it'll format it. Allow that to happen if you're sure it's the correct drive to image to. When it's complete, shut the system down, swap the drives and boot as usual. They make the process pretty easy in Acronis TIH, it's my preferred disk imaging utility. You shouldn't have to do anything in the bios post swap.
  15. nigsy

    Friday Night Video's

    Never heard these guys before...apparently they've been around for 20 years!!
  16. Ha Ha! Didn't check the date - but if it works for you it's all good
  17. been a while since i've cloned anything but if memory serves when you clone the drive you have options to clone just the c partition or all of the drive, now if you clone just the c partition this does not include the mbr or efi boot partition which is needed to do a straight swap of the drives and have it boot into the os. so if i'm correct just doing the clone procedure again but this time choose the option to clone all partitions, which will include the mbr/efi partition should get it to boot correctly. edit sorry just reread your post and may have misunderstood what you're really wanting to know. yes if the cloning was successful then the c boot partition will automatically be recognized without the need to make any changes in bios.
  18. oniondip

    unstable desktop when saving or sending PDF

    Wow. A 1997 solution to my problem. THANK YOU, NIGSY!
  19. CLONING an HDD [having partitions C:/ boot-able and T:/ Not boot-able] to SSD the PC is HP Compaq 8200 Elite Micro-tower model 2011, processor core i5 2400 The question is After perform the cloning with ACRONIS TI 2018 and replace the HDD with the SSD The Boot C:/ Partition must normally recognized automatically, or needed setup the Boot Partition in BIOS ?
  20. Hi; Could be that your hard drive is full - if it's over 85% full this could cause an issue. It could also point to early failure of RAM where it is not caching correctly. Not sure what OS you are running; but the below is a link for w7 to help clear memory cache: https://medicine.arizona.edu/helpdesk-article/clear-memory-cache-windows-7 You might also want to run ram diagnostics: Click start > search for mdsched.exe (or open an elevated cmd prompt and type it into the box) and press enter > restart the PC - The tool will auto run at startup.
  21. Hi friends, 9 y.o. dell inspiron. When I go to attach a file (usually PDF) to an email, everything is unstable, up to five minutes. Even saving one to hard drive causes problems. I have just updated Adobe. Cheers, Joe
  22. Y kawika

    Happy Birthday CutLoop!!

    Hey music man cutloop Hope that you are having a rocking birthday! Y
  23. Please try the following: 1. Download the zip file at http://files.pcpitstop.com/cab/cab_scheduler_cleanup.zip and unzip the files and place them on your "C" drive. 2. Right click on the "cab_scheduler_cleanup.bat" file and choose: Run as Administrator. 3. Press any key when prompted at the conclusion of the script 4. Reboot the machine. 5. Try the test again. Please keep us posted on your results. Thanks Y
  24. Hope you have a great day!!
  25. My test hangs up at the Optimizing System Restore point. I have to close Pitstop to continue.
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  27. Juliet

    Happy Birthday Dog Soldier

    Happy Birthday
  28. Juliet

    Happy Birthday Dickster

    Yeah, Happy Birthday!
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