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  2. Tx Redneck

    Active X not enabled

    Does this happen if you run IE As Admin?
  3. Hi. Having a hard time with IE 11 Active X. Windows 10 - all updates installed IE 11 - Have unistalled and reinstalled Dell Latitude E5470 i5 8GB Ram When I run the activeX test it says ActiveX is not Supported. I get asked to install the PCPitstop ActiveX utility: I click install, screen blanks and I get a pop from UAC asking if the app can make changes (MY UAC is set to NEVER NOTIFY) I click yes and I go back to the ActiveX test page with "ActiveX is not supported". F5 will run through the same sequence. I have all ActiveX options enabled in Internet, Local and Trusted Zones. (Even tried it in Restricted Sites). This was working a few weeks ago and I was able to move data from a web site into QuickBooks without issue. Seems like ActiveX has disappeared. Thanks for any troubleshooting you can point me to! Steve
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  5. bonzai

    Happy Birthday Bonzai!!

    Thank you very muchly!
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  7. Tx Redneck


    Hey Dean and Can you open a trouble ticket with out help desk so we can get some more info and get this resolved for you? https://www.pcmatic.com/support/ Tx
  8. Tx Redneck

    PC Magnum not doing anything

    Hey topherea01 and Sorry you're having issues with PC Magnum, can you please open a trouble ticket with our help desk so we can get some more info from you and get this resolved? https://www.pcmatic.com/support/ Tx
  9. Dean


    Update: If I disable Super Shield, I can watch movies. But that's not a good solution.
  10. Dean


    I can access Netflix, just not play any movies???
  11. Dean


    Same issue here Error Code H7053-1803. Firefox and IE 11, running Windows 10 pro 64bit os.
  12. Just purchased Pc magnum for my windows 7 and after opening the software, none of the buttons work. Won't let me log in or anything. Frustrating and time consuming.
  13. Tx Redneck

    Please Join In To Fight Breast Cancer

    Done my daily good deed.
  14. Tomk_

    Please Join In To Fight Breast Cancer

    ক্লিক করা
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  16. daniellouwrens

    Identify my PC's with the name I know them

    Hi Thanks for the link. Regards Daniel
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